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The Legacy of the Great Exhibition
London, July 2001

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
(RSA) Annual Historical Symposium

organised with The Prinz Albert Society of Coburg and The Victorian Society

"The Legacy of the Great Exhibition"

5th and 6th July 2001



9.00-9.30 Registration

9.30-9.45 Opening by Sir Stuart Hampson, Chairman of RSA Council and Directors of
the RSA, Prince Albert Society and Victorian Society

9.45-10.00 'A duty and a pleasure': Prince Albert and the Society of Arts
Dr David Allan

10.00-10.30 An introduction to the Great Exhibition
Lord Asa Briggs

10.30-10.45 Refreshments


10.45-11.15 The artistic aims of the exhibition organisers
Georg Maag, Institut für Romanistik/Italienistik, University of Stuttgart

11.15-11.45 Visitors. Then and Now
Brandon Taylor, University of Southampton

11.45-12.15 The musical legacy of the exhibition
Michael Musgrave, Goldsmiths College' and Royal College of Music

12.15-12.30 Questions

12.30-1.30 Lunch

DESIGN - Chair: Paul Atterbury

1.30-2.00 Design made a difference - that counted.  Economic and aesthetic aspects
of consumer taste
Ingeborg Cleve, Universität des Saarlandes, Historisches Institut

2.00-2.30 Jewellery at the 1851 exhibition
Judy Rudoe, British Museum

2.30-2.45 Questions

2.45-3.00 Refreshments

ARCHITECTURE - Chair: Hermione Hobhouse

3.00-3.15 South Kensington's Forgotten Palace: the International Exhibition
Building of 1862
Dale Dishon, Royal Holloway, University of London

3.15-3.30 From the Crystal Palace to the Greenwich Dome - 150 years of
Ted Allan, past President, Bureau of International Exhibitions

3.30-4.00 The Model Lodging House: a window onto the Underworld
Barrie Trinder, University College Northampton

4.00-4.15 Questions

Followed by Reception

                                            Day ends 7.00pm


SCIENCE - Chair:  Frank A J L James, Reader in History of Science, Royal

9.00-9.15 Registration

9.15-9.45 Science and Show: Education and Enlightenment in the Legacy of the Great
Carla Yanni, Rutgers University

9.45-10.15 The legacy of exhibiting science
William Brock, Leicester University

10.15-10.45The true Albert Memorial - the 1851 Commission's scholarships and
Valerie Phillips, Archivist, Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

10.45-11.00 Questions

11.00.-11.15 Coffee

INDUSTRY - Chair: William Filmer-Sankey, past Director, Victorian Society

11.15-11.45 The Great Exhibition, exhibitions and technology transfer
David Jeremy, Manchester Metropolitan University

11.45-12.15 "Little Understood": the exhibition and explanation of machinery in
Louise Purbrick, University of Brighton

12.15-12.45 'Arming Britain's Legions'w ith 'Intellectual Weapons' and 'Sound
Science': The Artisan Exhibition Tours and the Roots of Modern Edcuational Travel,
Michele Strong-Irwin, University of North Carolina

12.45-1.00 Questions

1.00-2.00 Lunch

MUSE0LOGY - Chair:  Professor Hermann Hiery

2.00-2.30 Inventions and apparatus: categories of display and collection in the
later 19th century
Sophie Forgan, Teesside University

2.30-3.00 The New Museum Idea: Museums, Popular Instruction and the Politics of
Tony Bennett, Open University

3.00-3.15 Questions

3.15-3.30 Refreshments

POLITICAL AND CULTURAL - Chair: Franz Bosbach, Director, Prince Albert Society

3.30-4.00The Great Exhibition and historical memory
Jeffrey Auerbach, Lecturer, Stanford University

4.00-4.30 The political and cultural aims of the Great Exhibition
Nick Fisher, Aberdeen University

4.30-5.00 Political legacy of the Great Exhibition
John R Davis, Kingston University

5.00-5.15 Questions


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