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Medieval Household Entertainments
Leeds, July 2001


REED-Sponsored Sessions at the

International Medieval Congress 2001
University of Leeds, 9-12 July 2001

The special theme for International Medieval Congress 2001 will be Familia
and Domus, allowing the REED-sponsored sessions to focus on household
entertainment.  As always, these REED sessions aim to encourage
interdisciplinary dialogue among paper presenters, commentators, and
audiences.  This "Call for Papers" consequently invites response from
drama scholars, historians, musicologists, art or dance historians,
archivists, and social economists, among others. Potential dimensions of
household entertainment to explore might include, but surely are not
limited to, such areas as (a) household entertainments themselves--texts,
types, size, frequency, costs, spectacle, costuming, food and drink; (b)
geographical and/or social variations; (c) "court and country"--multiple
households, "province" and capital; (d) masques, country and court; (e)
household "entertainment and hospitality" relationships--stewards, masters
and mistresses, gender, power, politics, religion, neighbors; (f)
relations among households and entertainment--payments, travel routes,
local variations; (g) specific attention to dance and music; (h) the
"amateur versus professional" issue, nuanced; (i) playing places, physical
venues for household entertainment, and (j) performance conditions,
including audience reception.

Inquiries and initial expressions of interest may be directed to either of
the REED-sponsored sessions' co-organizers: Rosalind C. Hays, Professor of
History, Department of History, Dominican University, +1-(708) 524-6836,  Because of
summer travel, e-mail communications will be more efficient and are
preferred. Further information on the International Medieval Congress is
available at  The deadline for
submitting paper title and one-page (maximum) abstract is 15 August 2000,
by post to Barbara D. Palmer, 409 Shaw Court, Fredericksburg, VA 22405,
U.S.A.  The full text of accepted papers will be due on 1 May 2001 to
allow session commentators sufficient time to prepare their responses.