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Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain
London, July 2001

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers


The Third Biennial Conference on Music in 19th-Century Britain will be
held at the Royal College of Music, London, from Monday 16 July to
Thursday 19 July 2001.  The keynote address will be given by Julian
Rushton, West Riding Professor of Music at the University of Leeds,
Chairman of Musica Britannica and past President of the Royal Musical
Association.  The programme will also include a concert of chamber music
by 19th-century British composers and Victorian Choral Evensong at Holy
Trinity Church, Prince Consort Road.

Individual papers of 20 minutes length, or proposals for presentations in
other formats (i.e. lecture recitals, themed sessions or round tables) on
any aspect of music in 19th-century Britain are invited.  Abstracts for
proposals (maximum length 300 words), should reach Dr Peter Horton by
Friday 8 December 2000 at the address below in either hard copy or by
e-mail.  All authors will be invited to submit papers for consideration
for inclusion in the third volume of Nineteenth-Century British Music
Studies, to be published by Ashgate and edited by Bennett Zon.

Updated information on the Conference will be available on the Royal
College of Music website and information on the Ashgate
series Music in 19th-Century Britain may be found at

For further information please contact:

Dr Peter Horton				Phone:+44 (0)20 7591 4324 or
Royal College of Music				+44 (0)20 7589 3643
Prince Consort Road			Fax:	+44 (0)20 7589 7740
London SW7 2BS				E-mail: