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Nationalism and Identity in Third Republic France
Keele, July 2001

Nationalism and Identity in Third Republic France
Keele University, 6-8 July 2001

Provisional Conference Programme
Friday 6 July

12-1	Registration
1-2	Buffet lunch in SCR

2-3.30	Papers: parallel sessions 1 and 2

Session 1: Regionalism I

Detmar Klein (London): 'Becoming Alsatian: Anti-German cultural propaganda in
Alsace 1898-1914'

Didier Francfort (Université Nancy 2): 'National Identity and Musical Border in
Lorraine (1870-1914)'

Timothy Baycroft (University of Sheffield): 'Conflicting Identities on the French
Frontier: Region vs. Nation and Culture vs. Politics in French Flanders'

Session 2: In search of French Musical Genres and Styles 1

Renata Suchowiejko (Jagiellonian University, Cracow): 'Les Franckistes et la
musique de chambre'

Patricia Shaw (Australian Catholic University, Melbourne): '"La Clarté française":
The National Character of French Orchestral Writing of the Early Twentieth

Brian Hart (Northern Illinois University): 'The Symphony and Questions of National
Identity in Early Twentieth-Century France'

3.30 - 4 Tea

4-4.40 	Roy Howat: 'Rhythmic Games in Chabrier's Pièces pittoresques'

4.40-5  Break

5-6.15 Keynote: Debora Silverman, UCLA, 'Pleasure and Mystery: Catholic Sources of
Gauguin's Abstraction'

6.30  Jane Manning and Dominic Saunders Recital

8.30  Dinner

10pm-1am Le Café bar

Saturday 7 July

8-8.45  Breakfast

9-10.30 Papers: parallel sessions 3 and 4

Session 3: Canon, Identity and Political Alignments I

James Ross (Oxford University): 'Messidor and Republican Patriotism'

Mike Strasser (Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio): '"Les deux courants": The
Battle for the French Musical Soul During the Early Third Republic'

Steven Huebner (McGill University): 'Prometheus and Politics: d'Indy, Rolland and

Session 4: French Resonances Abroad

Werner Suppanz (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz) ' Third Republic as Model and
Counterpoint in Austria's First Republic'

Edling Anders (Uppsala University, Sweden): 'Fonds Montpensier - a source of
knowledge for Nordic presence in early 20th-century Paris'

Helena Tyrväinen (University of Helsinki, Finland): 'National Intentions, Folk
Music and French Influence - Nordic Composers and the "Fourth Golden Age" of
French Music'

10.30  Coffee

11-12.30 Roundtable: Nation, Identity and Culture

Speakers include Steven Huebner (McGill University) and Edward Berenson (Director,
Institute of French Studies, New York University)

12.30-1.45 Lunch

2-3.30  Papers: parallel sessions 5 and 6

Session 5: French/Jewish Identity

Kerry Murphy (University of Melbourne): 'Meyerbeer and Jewish Identity'

Cylvie Claveau (Université de Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada): 'Altérité et identité:
l'Autre et les intellectuels français de la Ligue des Droits de l'Homme et du
Citoyen (LDH) en France durant l'entre-deux guerres'

Jeremy Drake (Paris): 'Darius Milhaud: a Case of Identity'

Session 6: The Power of the Media

Annegret Fauser (City University): 'New Media, Source-Bonding and Alienation:
Listening at the 1889 Exposition Universelle'

Sylvie Douche (Paris 4, Sorbonne): '1911-1912-1913: état des lieux de trois années
musicales selon J. Chantavoine, critique et musicologue'

Marion Schmid (University of Edinburgh): 'A Bas Wagner! The French Press Campaign
Against Wagner During World War 1'

3.30-4  Tea

4-5.15 The Peter le Huray Memorial Lecture: Hugh Macdonald, Washington University,
'Fraternity and Nationhood in the Third Republic'

5.20-6.15 Wine Reception

6.30  Roy Howat Piano Recital

8.30  Conference dinner

10.30-1am Le Café bar

Sunday 8 July

8-8.45  Breakfast

9-10  Papers: parallel sessions 7 and 8

Session 7: Interwar Aesthetic Directions I

Norman Ingram (Concordia University, Montreal): 'The Aesthetic of Dissent:
Pacifist Literature and National Identity in Interwar Years'

Caroline Rae (Cardiff University): 'From a Foreign Correspondent: the Musical
Writings and Collaborative Projects of Alejo Carpentier, '1923-1939''

Session 8: Canon, Identity and Political Alignments II

Katharine Ellis (Royal Holloway, London):  'Dijon, 1876: What Price the "Father of

Anya Suschitzky (Oxford University): 'Textual Criticism, Critical Text and the
Revival of Rameau's Operas at the fin de siècle'

Catrina Flint de Médicis (McGill University): 'The Schola Cantorum, Early Music,
and French Cultural Politics'

10-10.40 Coffee

10.40-11.40  Papers: parallel sessions 9-11

Session 9: Interwar Aesthetic Directions II

Deborah Mawer (Lancaster University): 'The Search for a Voice: Spiritual
"Otherness" in the Early Music (1935-39) of André Jolivet'

Nigel Simeone (Bangor, University of Wales): 'La Spirale and La Jeune France: The
Quest for a New Aesthetic Identity in the Mid-1930s

Session 10: Regionalism II

Sharif Gemie (University of Glamorgan): 'Brittany, Socialism and Regionalism; the
case of Emile Masson (1869-1928)'

Robert F. Waters (Montgomery College, Maryland): 'Centrifugal forces: Regionalism
and Anti-Centralization in the Philosophies of Déodat de Séverac and Maurice

Session 11: In Search of French Genres and Styles II

Katherine Bergeron (University of California, Berkeley) 'In Search of mélodie
française: Linguistic Education and the Art of Singing in the Third Republic'

Stacy Moore (Middlebury College): 'Debussy and Creative Anachronism in the
Chansons de France'

11.45-1pm Roundtable: War, Politics and Artistic Production

Speakers include James Ross (Oxford University) and Nigel Simeone (Bangor,
University of Wales)

1-2.15  Lunch

2.30  End of Conference