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Women, Gender and the Extreme Right in Europe, 1919-1945
Cardiff, July 2001

Women, gender and the extreme right in Europe, 1919-1945
Cardiff University, Wales
4-6 July 2001

Proposals for papers must be submitted to the conference organiser (Kevin
Passmore) by 1 October 2000

For full details on the conference and on the submission of proposals for
papers or panels, please consult the website, below.

Plenary speakers include Melissa Bokovoy (University of New Mexico), Maria
Bucur (Indiana University), Martin Durham, (University of Wolverhampton),
Kirsten Heinsohn (University of Hamburg), Dobrochna Kalwa (Jagiellonian
University, Poland), Cheryl Koos (California State University), Maria M
Kovacs (Central European University), Mara L. Lazda (Indiana University),
Carol Lilly (University of Nebraska at Kearney), Kevin Passmore (Cardiff
University), Daniella Sarnoff (Boston College), Perry Willson (University
of Edinburgh), Mary Vincent (University of Sheffield)

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