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The Czech and Slovak Legacy in the Americas
Lincoln, NE, August 2001

The Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU) announces a Special

The Czech and Slovak Legacy in the Americas: 
Preservation of Heritage with the Accent on Youth 

Lincoln, Nebraska, August 1-3, 2001

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will host the 2001 Conference of the
Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU). The conference is sponsored by
the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of
Modern Languages, European Studies, and by the following community and regional
groups: the Czech Language Foundation, Komensky Club, the Nebraska Czechs of
Lincoln, and the Nebraska Czechs of Wilber. The dates of the Conference have been
selected to coincide with the 45th Czech festival held each year in Wilber,
Nebraska during the first weekend in August (for 2001 those dates are Friday, 3
August through Sunday, 5 August). An estimated 40,000-50,000 people from all over
the country are expected to attend the Wilber festival. The conference will focus
on three main issues of interest to Czechs and Slovaks in the Americas:

(1) Ethnicity and Preservation of Language and Culture (includes presentations on
    history and genealogy).
(2) Historical and contemporary settlements of people from the Czech and Slovak
    Republics in the Americas.
(3) Future relationships between Czechs and Slovaks living in the Americas and
    those in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The open format of the conference will allow discussion of other topics of
interest. Conference participants will have the opportunity to attend various
cultural and social programs scheduled during the two-day conference, as well as
attend the Wilber Czech Festival on Saturday and/or Sunday. There will be live
performances of the Czech and Slovak heritage music, dances and other cultural
programs as performed by local groups, as well as a Czech film. The Opening
Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, August 1 at 7:00 p.m.

This conference is taking place in Nebraska because this state has a rich heritage
of political and cultural life organized by the Czechs. The University of Nebraska
is a natural institution for the sponsorship because it is one of the few
universities in the United States that offers the Czech language, and has been
teaching it since 1907. The Czechs at UNL were always a very active group, and
from its Komensky Club, conceived at the end of 1903 and officially established in
1904, rose a generation of Nebraska and U.S. politicians, including the late
Senator Roman Hruska. Nebraska Czechs have influenced the history of the United
States as well as the history of the Czech Lands. There are about sixty localities
in Nebraska where the majority of inhabitants claim Czech ancestry, and it is
estimated that between ten to twenty percent of Nebraskans claim Czech blood. The
Czech ethnic life is celebrated during twelve annual Czech festivals in Nebraska.
There are countless Czech museums and libraries in the state. The most important
collection of Czech artifacts is the Czech Heritage Collection assembled by Joe
Svoboda and housed in Love Library at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The
State Historical Society has an important collection of microfilms of Czech
language newspapers published on the American continent. The ethnic Czechs are
very active in genealogical research and many take part in the Czech Elder hostel
at the Doane College in Crete.

Hotel accommodation for SVU members is available in the University dorms at a cost
per person, double occupancy, of $16.00 per night. Dorm lodging requires that
participants purchase a meal plan that is served in the cafeteria (breakfast,
lunch, and dinner). The cost of this meal plan is $16.00 per person per day,
bringing the total cost of room and board to $32.00 a day. Parking can be arranged
on campus near the dorms. Other hotel accommodations can be made directly with
Lincoln hotels ( Hotels in the downtown
area are within walking distance of the campus. SVU Conference in Lincoln,
Nebraska, August 1-3, 2001 Application for a Panel or Presentation and
Registration Form Send your application along with your registration fee (made
payable to SVU) A.S.A.P. to: Cathleen Oslzly, Department of Psychology, 238
Burnett Hall, UNL, Lincoln, NE

Dr. Mila Saskova-Pierce
University of Nebraska
1133 Oldfather Hall, Lincoln, NE 68588-0315, USA
Tel:  +1-(402) 472 1336