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Operatic Subjects: Music and Literature, 1800-1850
Seattle, August 2001

North American Society for the Study of Romanticism
Romantic Subjects

University of Washington,
Seattle, WA

August 16-19, 2001

Approved Special Session:

Operatic Subjects: Music and Literature, 1800-1850

This panel proposes to consider the dialogue between music and literature as it
emerges in opera during the period 1800 to 1850. We seek proposals which explore
the adaptation of literary works into operas, and in turn the role of opera in
novels and plays, or the presence of this dialogue in contemporary reviews and
articles on operas. Much remains to be explored in these contemporary essays and
their relevance for Romantic authors. The panel would also provide a forum for
music specialists and Romanticists to meet and discuss their respective takes on
the topic.

Please submit 500-word proposals by 10 January 2001 to:

Michael Eberle-Sinatra
Northrop Frye Centre
Victoria University
73 Queens Park Crescent, Toronto
Ontario M5S 1K7, Canada

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