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'Agamemnon' in Performance, 458 BC - 2001 AD
Oxford, September 2001

The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama at the University of Oxford
is pleased to announce its second major conference, 'Agamemnon' in Performance,
458 BC - 2001 AD, to be held at Wadham College, Oxford, from 20-22 September 2001.  
We hope that this three-day interdisciplinary meeting will mark a new chapter in
the systematic study of the performances of ancient drama, following on the
success of the Medea in Performance, 1500 - 2000 conference held in 1998 (the
proceedings of which have recently been published by Legenda).

The major contributors will be:

Anton BIERL, 'The Chorus of Aeschylus' Agamemnon in modern stage productions -
	towards the performative turn'
Pierre JUDET DE LA COMBE, 'The French Agamemnon and the Ancien Régime'
Pat EASTERLING, 'Agamemnon for the ancients'
Michael EWANS, 'Agamemnon in Germany, from Goethe to Wagner'
Inga-Stina EWBANK, '"Striking too short at Greeks": the transmission of Agamemnon
	to the English Renaissance stage'
Helene FOLEY, 'Agamemnon in the Americas'
Massimo FUSILLO, 'Pasolini's Agamemnon: translation, screen version, performance'
Lorna HARDWICK, 'Staging Agamemnon: the languages of translation'
Pantelis MICHELAKIS, 'Agamemnon on stage and screen: documenting the visual
	evidence, 1950-2001'
Yopie PRINS, 'OTOTOTOI: Virginia Woolf and 'the naked cry' of Cassandra'
Rush REHM, 'The prophet unveiled: Cassandra in Agamemnon'
Margaret REYNOLDS, 'Agamemnon: a big voice in opera'
Alessandro SCHIESARO, 'Seneca's Agamemnon from the page to the stage'
Dmitry TRUBOTSHKIN, 'Agamemnon in Russia'
Michael WALTON, 'Translation or transubstantiation'

Please see our website at for the provisional
programme and booking form, If you wish to receive these details in hard copy
format, please email

Best wishes
Amanda Wrigley

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