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Not Fade Away: The Life and Times of Buddy Holly
Lubbock, TX, September 2001

 Not Fade Away:

The Life and Times of Buddy Holly

 An Academic and Community Meeting

 Texas Tech University and The Buddy Holly Center

Lubbock, Texas    Texas Tech University   September 6-7, 2001

Not Fade Away: The Life and Times of Buddy Holly is a new academic symposium,
planned as an annual event and jointly sponsored by Texas Tech University, Texas
Monthly Magazine, and the Buddy Holly Center (City of Lubbock). The symposium will
explore the emergence of rock and roll music in the mid 1950s, giving special
attention to the musical and cultural influences on early rock and roll musicians.
These early musicians, exemplified by Buddy Holly, will serve as a fulcrum for the
symposium. In other words, we will explore not only what influences went into
their music, histories and legends, but also what new musical and cultural trends
developed from their contributions. The sponsors of this conference seek to
clarify and strengthen the relationships between the history, popular culture,
folklore, literature, and popular music of the last half of the twentieth century.
In addition, they seek to strengthen the ties between the artistic and academic
communities with an aim to heighten the academic significance of the study of
early rock and roll musicians.

 Submission Guidelines:

 Abstracts or brief descriptions of proposed papers or panels for discussion
should be submitted by June 15, 2001. Proposals should include a brief description
of the proposed topic, the contents of the presentation, and any audiovisual
equipment required. In addition, each person submitting an abstract should also
present a one or two paragraph biographical statement.

 We invite paper, panel or presentation proposals in subject areas including but
not limited to the following:

*        Blues Music Influence on early Rock and Roll
*        Country Music Influence on early Rock and Roll
*        Roots of Rockabilly Music
*        Rock and Roll in Cinema
*        50s Artists as Role Models
*        Biographies of Early Rockers: Similarities and Differences
*        Rock and Roll Autobiography
*        The Beat Poets: An Influencing Factor?
*        The Globalization of American Rock and Roll Legend
*        Gender Divides in early Rock and Roll
*        Buddy Holly's Influence: New Insights for the 21st Century
*        West Texas Musical Heritage
*        The Role of Lubbock in the Buddy Holly Legend
*        The Milieu of 1955-59: How does Rock and Roll Fit?
*        50s Rock and Roll and Hip Hop
*        The Sustainability of Rock and Roll Legend: A Generational Divide?
*        Orchestral Sounds in Early Rock and Roll
*        Buddy Holly in British Pop Culture
*        Buddy Holly's Influence in Early Beatle Music

 Please submit materials and current contact information via postage or email to:

Not Fade Away: The Life and Times of Buddy Holly
Attention: Dr. Margaret Lutherer
Office of the President
Texas Tech University
P.O. Box 42005
Lubbock, Texas 79409-2005