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Towards Normality? Social and Cultural Change within German-Speaking Jewry, 1812-1918
Cambridge, September 2001


The Leo Baeck Institute of London plans to hold an international
conference in Cambridge, England in September 2001, on social and cultural
change within German-speaking Jewry, 1812-1918. The conference's working
title is "Towards Normality?". Participants will be asked to focus on the
issues raised by the varied paths of Jewish assimilation and acculturation
in the territory of the post-1871 German Empire and post-1867
Cisleithanian Austria. 

Papers on the following subjects, as they relate to assimilation and
acculturation, are particularly encouraged: 

historiographical disputes
political involvement
social mobility
local and regional studies (major Jewish centres and rural communities)
changing modes of religious observance
educational trends
high and popular culture
intra-Jewish debates
conversion and intermarriage

Proposals for papers in the form of a 2-3 page abstract accompanied by a
brief C.V. are requested (by letter, e-mail or fax) by 31 January 2000.
The language of the conference is English but papers may also be submitted
in German. 

Dr. Rainer Liedtke
Historisches Institut
Neuere Geschichte I
Universitaet Giessen
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35394 Giessen
fax: +49-(0)641 992-8169