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The Portuguese Guitar
Evora, Portugal, September 2001

International Symposium on the Portuguese Guitar
Evora, Portugal
September 7-9, 2001

The Department of Arts of the University of Evora will host, on September 7, 8 and
9, 2001, an International Symposium on the subject of the Portuguese Guitar. It is
the purpose of this meeting to approach this subject from a scholarly point of
view, combining the musicological and the socio-anthropological study of the
development of the English/Scottish Guitar, the Cittern and the Bandurra since the
18th century with the discussion of the musical traditions within which these
instruments continue to be used in our times.

The Scientific Committee of this Symposium is formed by Professors Rui Vieira Nery
and Manuel Morais (University of Evora/Department of Arts and Centre for Art
History), as well as by Professor Salwa Castelo-Branco (Universidade Nova de
Lisboa/Institute for Ethnomusicology).

Four working sessions are scheduled, covering the fields of Historical Musicology,
Ethnomusicology, Anthropology and Organology, respectively, as well as a final
session in the conclusions of these four panels will be jointly discussed. This
last panel will also discuss the issue of the integration of the study of this
instrument as a formally structured discipline within the music education system,
a process which has already began in Portugal at the secondary/conservatory level.

Parallel to the meeting the Evora Regional Museum will host an exhibition of hand
cordophones of the 18th and 19th centuries belonging to the collections of the
Music Museum (Lisbon), Museum of Portuguese Music/Verdades de Faria House
(Cascais) and the National Ethnology Museum (Lisbon), together with a few
specimens from private collections.

On September 9th, at 09:00 PM, a concert will take place at the Garcia the Resende
Theatre, with the participation of the hand-puppet traditional theatre company Os
Bonecos de Santo Aleixo, in which the use of the Portuguese Guitar in various
traditional genres and practices of music, erudite as well as popular, will be

On behalf of the Department of Arts of the University of Evora I would like to
invite you to participate in this meeting. Should you wish participate in any of
the four scheduled sessions we kindly request that you send us a proposal with the
title and abstract (up to 150 words) of your paper, by letter, fax or e-mail,
before July 16.

With very best regards

Manuel Morais
Chairman, Department of Arts

International Symposium on the Portuguese Guitar
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