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Globalization and Nationalisms (2nd International Conference on Postcolonial Studies)
Vigo, October 2001

II International Conference on Postcolonial Studies
Globalization and Nationalisms

University of Vigo (Spain)
24-26 November 2001
[note change of date from November 2001]

The Second International Conference on Postcolonial Studies seeks to
create a space for discussion and exchange of perspectives about the
diverse theoretical and critical approaches to the phenomena of
globalization and nationalisms in contemporary societies. The aim is to go
deep into the analysis of the manifestations and effects of these two
currents with an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses the fields of
culture, economy, politics, history, the arts, etc.

The topic of this Second Conference refers to the tensions existing
between, on the one hand, the contemporary system of global economy and
the subsequent political and cultural neoimperialism, and, on the other
hand, the resistance put up by the identities that define themselves from
local and community positions. Some topics we propose for consideration
are the following:

- Relationships between nationalism, multiculturalism and globalization
- Revisions of the concept of the nation-state
- New notions of citizenship
- The new economic and cultural imperialism
- Feminisms and globalization/nationalisms
- Race, ethnicity and global/local culture
- The role of languages in the new identities
- The tensions between the local and the global in literature and the arts

We invite proposals for 20-minute papers analyzing these and other related
questions in any field of knowledge.

Send abstract (250-300 words, in English, Spanish or Galician) by May 1,
2001, to the following address:

Ana Bringas and Belen Martin
II Congreso de Estudios Poscoloniais
Facultade de Filoloxia
Universidade de Vigo
Campus Lagoas-Marcosende
E-36200 Vigo, Galicia, Spain

Tel: +34 +(9)86 81 23 73
Fax: +34 +(9)86 81 23 80

Conference webpage: