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Horizons of the Humanities: Future, Thoughts and Critical Theories
Pusan, Korea, October 2001

Pusan National University, South Korea
Institute of Humanities Research
The 2nd International Humanities conference

Call For Papers

Horizons of the Humanities: 
Future, Thoughts and Critical Theories
October  29-30, 2001
Pusan, South Korea

The Institute of Humanities Research, Pusan National University, is
planning to hold its 2nd international conference in October, 2001, in
Pusan National University, South Korea. We invite submission of papers to
be presented at the conference.

As the conference title, Horizons of the Humanities, suggests, the key
concern of the conference is to envisage the immediate future of the
humanities. Our aim here is to provide a site where new ideas and new
theories are projected, tested, and created. We welcome topics across the
humanities, but special emphasis will be placed on papers dealing with (at
least one of) the following themes:

1. Tradition, Culture and the Human: various ways of shaping and defining
the human, as reflected in literary, cultural and historical traditions of
East and/or West;

2. Continuity, Transformation, and Prediction: reflections on current
trends in the humanities studies, creative recasting of existing paradigms
of thinking, and the projection of the future of the humanities;

3. Nature, Environment, Ecology, and Science: various modes of interactive
relationship between humans and ecosystem; the impact, both positive and
negative, of scientific (bio-technological) developments on human lives
and natural environments;

4. Cyber Revolution, Virtual Reality, and the Humanities: the future or
evolutionary possibilities of cyber culture, and the place of the
humanities in cyber space/virtual reality; the future of cyber-literature.

5. Other Humanities Variations

Selected papers will be published in 2001: The PostHumanities (English
Journal, published by Pusan University); other conference details will be
announced shortly.

Please submit a one-page or two-page abstract together with a short c.v.
by June 15th, via e-mail or mail, to:

Professor Sang-koo, Kim 
30 Chang-Jeon Dong, Keum-Jung Ku, 
Institute of Humanities Research, Pusan National University, 
609-735 Pusan, Korea
Tel: 051-510-2036
Fax: 051-515-1956