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38th International Heinrich Schütz Festival
Malmö, October 2001

38th International Heinrich Schütz Festival, Malmö, Sweden
Thursday, 4 October to Sunday, 7 October 2001

The 38th International Festival will take place in Malmö, the third-largest city
in Sweden, which is located on the southern tip of the country.  Malmö boasts a
number of houses and buildings from the seventeenth century.  This year's Festival
will include two paper sessions, organized by the Universities of Lund and
Greifswald, as well as four concerts and several excursions.  For the first time,
any interested Festival participants are invited to join in the final concert (the
music will be rehearsed each day).  Information on registration, the music for
Concert IV, tickets, and hotels follows the program.



2:00            Malmö Museum: Reception in Castle
2:30            Malmö Museum Workshop/Demonstration of the Genarp organ
4:00            City tour with bus and guide; meeting place: Malmö Museum
5:15-6:30       St. John's Church (St. Johannes kyrka): choral rehearsal for
                 Concert IV (see repertoire list below)
7:30            St. John's Church: Concert I:
                Music of Heinrich Schütz and Johann Sebastian Bach
                  Schütz: works from Cantiones sacrae and Kleine geistliche
                  Bach: Jesu meine Freude
                  Director: Peter Wallin


9:00-12:00      St. John's Church Hall: Musicological Seminar I

                Greger Andersson, Lund:
                   "Schütz-Forschung im skandinavischen Raum"

                Klaus-Peter Koch, Bonn:
                   "Die Schütz-Quellen im südlichen Ostseeraum vor dem
                    Hintergrund der Rezeption mitteldeutscher protestantischer

                Andreas Waczkat, Rostock:
                   "Die ^ÑMissa ad imitationem Lobe den Herren H. Schützen
                    in der Danziger Handschrift Ms. 4012 und ihr Kontext"

                Marion Lamberth, Lund:
                   "Der Formverlauf in den Passionen von Schütz"

                Walter Werbeck, Greifswald:
                   "Zum Concerto-Satz bei Schütz und Bernhard"

1:00            Excursion to the new National Library in Copenhagen

5:30-7:15       St. John's Church:
               Choral rehearsal for Concert IV (see repertoire below),
               with a coffee break sponsored by the congregation of
               St. John's Church

7:30            St. John's Church: Concert II:
                Italienische Einflüsse im Werk von Heinrich Schütz
                   Ensemble Baroque Fever; Peter Spissky, director


9:00-10:30      St. John's Church: Choral rehearsal for Concert IV
               (see repertoire below)

11:00           St. John's Church:  Business Meeting of the International
                 Schütz Society

1:00            Malmö Museum: Concert III:
                City Music from the 16th Century and from the Period of
                   Sweden's Great Power
                Ensemble Mare Balticum

2:30            Excursion to Lund (meeting point: Malmö Museum)

3:00-5:00       Musicological Institute, Lund: Musicological Seminar II

                Toomas Siitan, Tallinn:
                   "Passion von Schütz bis Meder"

                Danuta Popinigis, Danzig:
                   "Die geistliche Vokalmusik Daniel Jacobis"

                Lars Berglund, Uppsala:
                   "The Meeting of Middle German and Roman Genre Traditions in
                       the Music of Christian Geist"

3:00            Slottstadens Church: Music in Slottstaden  (non-program event)
                Opening concert of the annual concert series (free admission)
                Chamber Choir of the Musikhögskol Copenhagen
                Prof. D.-O. Stenlund, Director

5:30            St. John's Church: General rehearsal for Concert IV
                (see repertoire below)

7:30            St. John's Church: Concert IV
                Concluding Concert:
                   Schütz: Psalmen Davids
                   Albrici:  Fader wår / Vater unser
ca: 11:30       Mini-Baroque Festival
                (details to be announced)


11:00           St. Peter's Church (St. Petri): Festival Worship Service
                Olle Cervin, Organ
                Youth Ensemble "La Primavera," Uppsala; Gunnar Englund,

3:00            Excursion to Helsingborg (non-program event)
                St. Mary's Church (St. Maria kyrka): Demonstration of the new
                  Genarp Organ
                Mats Hultkvist, Organ

(participants are expected to prepare their parts in advance)

        Schütz: Psalm 136 (Psalmen Davids; SWV 32): Capellchor I
                Choral score edition Carus 20.032
        Schütz: Komm, heiliger Geist (Sinfoniae sacrae III, SWV 417):
                Complementum I
                (music will be distributed at first rehearsal)
        Schütz: Vater Unser (Sinfoniae sacrae III, SWV 411)  Bärenreiter-
                 Ausgabe 3426
        Schütz: Psalm 136 (Psalmen Davids; SWV 45; Capellchor I)

        G. Gabrieli:  Nunc dimittis (Hänssler Verlag)

        V. Albrici: Fader wår / Vater unser
                Edition: CC 7194 P
                        Körp. CG 7195K
                Available from: Gehrmans musikforlag, Box 6005, SE 10231
                  Stockholm; tel: (0)8-610 06; fax: (0)8 610 06 26

        Participants from other countries can order the music at their local
           music shops.


Registration, Workshop, Musicological Seminars, Excursions:
         SEK 350 / DM 80  (about $40)

Tickets for individual concerts (please order in advance and pick up/pay for
at the festival):

Concerts I, II, III:    SEK 80 / DM 18    SEK 60 / DM 13.50
Concert IV:             SEK 100 / DM 22  SEK 80 / DM 13.50
All four concerts:      SEK 295 / DM 65; does not include drinks

Tickets required for the four concerts and the mini-Baroque festival

TICKET ORDERS [until September 15]:  Barbro Englund
        Mailing address: Barbro Englund, Stora Prästgården, SE 754 40 Uppsala

Hotels (all prices include breakfast); when booking a hotel, refer to the
Schütz-Fest and Ulf Nordström, the ^ÓKonstnärliga Högskolorna^Ô in Malmö.

Quality Hotel, Konserthuset
Amiralsgatan 19, SE-21155 Malmö; Telephone: 040-6646000

        Single room:    Thursday, 7 October: SEK 862.00; Friday 8 and
Saturday 9 SEK
        Double room     Thursday, 7 October: SEK 1087.00; Friday 8 and
Saturday 9 SEK

Rica City Hotel
Stortoget 15, SE-21155 Malmö; Telephone: 040-6609550

        Single room:    SEK 750.00
        Double room:    SEK 950.00

Ibis Hotel
Bisittaregatan 2, SE-21465 Malmö; Telephone: 040-728572

        Single room:    Thursday, 7 October: SEK 585.00; Friday 8 and
Saturday 9 SEK
        Double room     Thursday, 7 October: SEK 630.00; Friday 8 and
Saturday 9 SEK


Birgit Lindkvist Markström:
        (for the Swedish chapter of the International Schütz Society)