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Modernist Studies Association Conference
Houston, October 2001

Please join us this October at Rice University for MSA3, the third annual
conference of the Modernist Studies Association.  The MSA is devoted to the study
of the arts in their social, political, cultural, and intellectual contexts from
the late-nineteenth century through the mid-twentieth century.  The conference is
an international and interdisciplinary forum that seeks to promote exchange among
scholars in this revitalized and rapidly expanding field.

This years plenary speakers are Homi Bhabha (Harvard University), Barbara
Hernstein Smith (Duke University), Andreas Huyssen (Columbia University), Martin
Jay (Univ. of California-Berkeley), Vera Kutzinski (Yale University), and Ramon
Saldivar (Stanford University).

In addition to planaries and panels, the MSA conferences feature seminars.
Seminars are group discussions of 12-15 people based on papers circulated
beforehand.  We still have a few spaces available in the following seminars:

Erin G. Carlston, "Bodies: Premodern, Modern, Postmodern"
Pamela Caughie, "Passing in/as/for Modernism"
Patrick Collier, "Modernist Collisions with the Popular"
John Xiros Cooper, "Modernism and Mass Media"
Lynne Huffer, "Gay Paris"
Cyraina Johnson-Rouillier, "Geographies, Modernities, and the Question of Race"
Kurt Koenigsberger & William Kupinse, "Globalization and the Climate of Modernism"
Dejan Kuzmanovic, "Modernism and Masculinity"
Holly Laird, "Collaboration/Collaborationism/Co-Authorship and Modernity"
Nana Last, "From Transparency to Occlusion: Mapping Modernisms Surfaces"
Joseph McLaughlin, "Sites of Modernism"
Peter Naccarato, "Modernist Boundaries and Boundary Crossings"
Marilyn Reizbaum, "The Degeneration of Modernism"
Patricia Juliana Smith, "Modernism, Lesbian Discourse, and the Problems of 
	National Identity"
Luca Somigli, "Modernism and Technology"
Steven Yao, "Other Mode-rnisms"

To apply for a seminar, please submit a ranked list of two or three choices to
Jacob Speaks  The seminar registration deadline has been extended
until July 1, 2001.

For more information on the conference and the association, please see the MSA
website at the following URL: