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Music, Song, Art and Society
Dublin, October 2001

Association des Etudes Françaises et Francophones d'Irlande

Annual Conference 2001
Call for papers

Music, Song, Art and Society

Date: 		Saturday 27 October 2001
Venue: 		Dublin City University
Languages: 	English, French, Irish

Periods of transformation and revolution in Francophone societies have always been
accompanied by music and song. From the chanson de geste to the Music Hall of the
war years, from the Court music of the seventeenth century to the songs of the
Resistance, these two related but at times antithetical modes of expression have
never ceased to play a central role in worlds which are constantly changing.

The study of music and song (hymns, refrains, nursery rhymes, etc.), as well as
the study of the musician and the singer are familiar themes of literature and
painting. Moreover, the figure of the singer-songwriter-musician occupies an
important position in Francophone popular culture of all periods. And, more
recently, music and song have become an integral part of the new arts, such as
cinema and the bande dessinée.

Proposals are invited on the different interactions between music, song, culture
and society, of any period, and on their role in forging, transforming or
destroying a national entity and identity.

The conference welcomes papers from those involved in all aspects of cultural,
literary, musical or sociological research within the area of French and
Francophone studies. Papers will be twenty minutes in length. Ten minutes per
paper will be allocated for discussion.

Please e-mail abstracts of no more than 300 words by July 8, 2001.