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Nicaragua and Popular Culture
Puebla, Mexico, October 2001

Call for Papers:  NICARAGUA
Puebla, Mexico Meeting of PCA/ACA
October 18-20, 2001

Popular Culture and the Public Sphere/Nicaragua

We seek papers that treat issues and phenomena at the intersection of popular
culture and the arena(s) of public opinion, discussion, action and conflict in
Nicaragua.  Papers may correspond to any historical period and may take up
"popular culture" in any number of ways, whether this be as folklore, as a
component of everyday life, consumer culture, mass communications, etc.  
Consistent with the conference's broader emphasis on "civil society" in the
Americas, we are especially interested in the variety of ways that cultural
materials are involved in the negotiation and/or maintenance of public spaces,
conversations, opinions and movements that are at least partially independent of
both the state and the private sector.

Some specific questions that might be addressed are:

How does Nicaraguan popular culture respond to the economic, cultural and
political effects of globalization?

How is national identity construed in popular music? in artesanal culture?

How has the global graffiti art phenomenon caught on in Nicaragua?

What roles does religion play in the development or maintenance of a viable
Nicaraguan civil society?

What is the current importance, if any, of traditional forms of popular/folk
expression such as el G=FCeg=FCence, or annual street celebrations of patron

This is Congress V and full details about past meetings and such issues as
transportation, hotels, program are all on the web site:

Deadline for proposals: June 15, 2001

Bruce Campbell
Department of Modern and Classical
   Languages and Literatures
St. John's University
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