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American Musicological Society, Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA, November 2001


Atlanta, 15 –18 November 2001 

Preliminary Program (August 2001) 

WEDNESDAY 14 November

     2:00-8:00 AMS Board of Directors Meeting

THURSDAY 15 November

     7:45–12:00 AMS Board of Directors Meeting 
     8:30–5:00 Registration 
     11:30–1:30 Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, Governing Board Meeting 

     12:30–1:45 Lecture-Recital (sponsored by the AMS Performance Committee):
     “Alkan’s Concerto for Solo Piano: Form, Context, Performance,” Kenneth
     Hamilton (University of Birmingham, UK), piano 

     1:00–5:00 Job Interviews 
     1:00–6:00 Exhibits



The Late Nineteenth Century 
Vera Micznik (University of British Columbia), Chair 

     Mary Kalil (Princeton University), “Whispers and Lies: Chaikovsky and Historical
     Madness in Mazeppa” 

     Morten Kristiansen (Truman State University), “Richard Strauss at the Fin de siècle:
     German Impressionism, Nervosität, and Sekundenstil” 

     John J. Sheinbaum (University of Denver), “Adorno’s Mahler and the Timbral

     Stephen McClatchie (University of Regina), “New Primary Sources for Gustav
     Mahler’s Biography”

Topics in Rock 
Judith Lochhead (State University of New York, Stony Brook), Chair 

     Mitchell Morris (University of California, Los Angeles), “Losing My Religion and the
     Queer Alternative Subject” 

     Sara Nicholson (Eastman School of Music), “Keep Going!: The Use of Classical
     Music Samples in Mono’s Hello Cleveland ” 

     John Platoff (Trinity College), “Why Two Revolutions?” 

     Timothy Striplin (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), “Chopping Down the
     Joshua Tree: Irony, Postmodernism, and the ‘New’ U2”

Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Topics 
Antonia Banducci (University of Denver), Chair 

     Janet K. Page (University of Memphis), “Die Erde hängt dem Himmel gleich voll
     Geigen: Musical Imagery and Musical Symbolism in Three Mid-Eighteenth-Century
     Viennese Festival Books” 

     Mary Oleskiewicz (America’s Shrine to Music Museum/University of South Dakota),
     “Transformative Reception: Lully and Handel at the Dresden Court” 

     Rose A. Pruiksma (Bates College), “Music and Social Order in Charles Sorel’s Comic

     Stuart Cheney (University of Maryland, College Park), “Recently Discovered Marais
     Manuscripts and Evolving Variation Practices”



Louis Armstrong and Brass Bands 
Brian Harker (Brigham Young University), Chair 

     Thomas Brothers (Duke University), “Louis Armstrong and the Tuxedo Brass Band,

     Charles E. Kinzer (Longwood College), “Just a Little While to Stay Here: Louis
     Armstrong and the Brass Bands of New Orleans”

Images in Medieval Manuscripts 
Rebecca Baltzer (University of Texas, Austin), Chair 

     Emma Dillon (University of Pennsylvania), “Devotional Designs in the Montpellier

     Cynthia J. Cyrus (Vanderbilt University), “Images of Nuns and the Idea of the Book in
     Late Medieval France”


Hanns Eisler: Songs of Exile and Repatriation 
Stephen Hinton (Stanford University), Chair 

     James Parsons (Southwest Missouri State University), “‘Revolutionary Upheaval and
     Conservative Retrenchment’ All at Once: Hanns Eisler and the Twentieth-Century

     Joy Haslam Calico (Illinois Wesleyan University), “ ‘The Invention of Tradition’: Eisler,
     Steinitz, and Volkslieder in the German Democratic Republic”

Scandinavian Opera 
Daniel Grimley (University of Surrey), Chair 

     Joakim Tillman (Stockholm University), “Vikings, Women’s Liberation, and
     Nietzschean Supermen: Wagnerian Influences in the Context of Swedish
     Turn-of-the-Century Opera” 

     Anne-Marie Reynolds (State University of New York, Geneseo), “Carl Nielsen
     Unmasked: Art and Popular Musical Styles in his Opera Maskarade”

     5:30–7:00 Journal of Musicology Editorial Board Meeting 
     5:30–8:00 No-Host Reception 
     6:30–8:30 Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music Editorial Board Meeting 
     8:00–9:00 AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues, Session One 

     8:00–10:00 Musical Literacy and Pedagogy Consortium; Susan Weiss (Peabody
     Conservatory/ Johns Hopkins University), Cynthia Cyrus (Vanderbilt University), and
     Russell Murray (University of Delaware), moderators 

     8:00 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Spano, conductor, presents
     Respighi’s La boutique fantasque and Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, with Gil
     Shaham, violin, Symphony Hall 

     9:30–11:00 Reception for Student Members



Panel Discussion: Post-Soviet Research into Russian Liturgical Music: Methodological
and Logistical Challenges 
Peter Jeffery (Princeton University), Chair 

     Alexander Lingas (Oxford University) 
     Irina Lozovaya (Moscow State Conservatory) 
     Gregory Meyers (University of British Columbia) 
     Simon Morrison (Princeton University) 
     Natalka Pavlovsky, Pinceton, New Jersey 
     Nicholas Schidlovsky (Princeton University)

Study Session: Music, Beliefs, Politics, and Patronage in the Hispanic Orbit 
Deborah Schwartz-Kates (University of Texas, San Antonio) and Grayson Wagstaff (Catholic
University of America), Co-chairs 

     Walter Aaron Clark (University of Kansas) 
     Leonora Saavedra (University of Pittsburgh)

FRIDAY 16 November

     7:00–8:45 AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues Meeting 
     7:00–8:45 AMS Chapter Officers’ Meeting 
     7:00–8:45 Student Representatives to AMS Council Meeting 
     7:00–8:45 AMS-L Committee Meeting 
     7:00–8:45 Alvin H. Johnson AMS 50 Dissertation Fellowship Committee Meeting 
     7:00–8:45 AMS History of the Society Committee Meeting 
     7:00–8:45 AMS Committee on Cultural Diversity: Breakfast Reception for Visiting
     7:00–8:45 AMS Program Committees for the 2001 and 2002 Annual Meetings 
     7:30–9:00 American Brahms Society Board of Directors, Breakfast Meeting 
     7:30–9:00 A-R Recent Researches Series Editors’ Breakfast 
     8:00–9:00 AMS Performance Committee Meeting 

     8:00–5:00 Job Interviews 
     8:30–5:00 Registration 
     8:30–6:00 Exhibits



Theater and Film Music 
Mark Brill (University of California, Davis), Chair 

     Julie McQuinn (Northwestern University), “The Opéra-Comique as the Temple of

     W. Anthony Sheppard (Williams College), “A Tale of Musical Orientalism, in Four
     Genres and Two Nations: The Cheat” 

     Stephan Prock (College of William and Mary), “Electronic Music, Modernism, and the
     Body in Forbidden Planet” 

     Paula Eisenstein Baker (University of St. Thomas, Houston), “Non-Movie Music at the
     Picture Palaces and Leo Zeitlin’s Palestina at New York’s Capitol Theatre”

Schoenberg and Nono 
Severine Neff (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Chair 

     Jennifer Shaw (State University of New York, Stony Brook), “New Performance
     Sources and Old Modernist Productions: Die Jakobsleiter in the Age of Mechanical

     Klara Moricz (Amherst College), “On the Ashes of the Holocaust: Arnold
     Schoenberg’s A Survivor From Warsaw and the Limits of Artistic Representation” 

     Deborah Heckert (State University of New York, Stony Brook), “A Glimpse of Some
     Weird, New Country: Pre-World War I London, Arnold Schoenberg, and the
     Reception of Musical Modernism in England” 

     Raymond Fearn (Keele University), “Prometheus or Icarus?: Idea and Ideology in Luigi
     Nono’s Opera Al gran sole carico d’amore”

Early Scribes and Notational Systems 
Charles Atkinson (Ohio State University), Chair 

     Charles W. Warren (Pittsford, New York), “On the Origins of Greek Instrumental

     Blair Sullivan (University of California, Los Angeles), “Alphabetic Writing and
     Hucbald’s ‘Artificiales Notae’” 

     James Grier (University of Western Ontario), “Adémar de Chabannes and the Earliest
     Compositional Autograph” 

     Rebecca Maloy (University of Cincinnati), “The Role of Letter Notation in Frutolf of
     Michelsberg’s Tonary”

Jon Finson (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Chair 

     Steven Huebner (McGill University), “Beethoven Prometheus?: D’Indy contra the
     Republican Critics” 

     John Sterling Lambert (Tufts University), “Beethoven in B flat: Op. 130 and the

     Seow-Chin Ong (University of Louisville), “The Sources for Beethoven’s Quartet in F
     Minor, Op. 95” 

     Joanna Cobb Biermann (Beethoven-Archiv, Bonn), “Cyclical Ordering(s) in
     Beethoven’s Gellert-Lieder, Op. 48”

Italy and Spain in the Seventeenth Century 
Mauro Calcagno (Harvard University), Chair 

     Janet Hathaway (New York University), “Laughter and Scandal: Inquisition Censure
     and the Villancico in Late Habsburg Madrid” 

     Kimberlyn Montford (University of North Texas), “Paolo Quagliati’s Affetti amorosi
     spirituali (Rome, 1617): A Reflection of Female Spirituality” 

     Susan Shimp (Yale University), “Excavating Virgil in the Counter-‘Re-Formation’ of
     Rome: Domenico Mazzocchi’s Dialogues from the Aeneid (1638)” 

     Tim Carter (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), “From Persephone to Poppæa:
     Monteverdi and the Rise of Venetian ‘Public’ Opera”

     12:00–1:00 Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, Business Meeting 
     12:00–1:00 Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature, Board Meeting 
     12:00–1:00 AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues, Session Two, with
     guest Jerry Baker 
     12:00–2:00 Mozart Society of America Meeting 
     12:15–1:15 Yamaha Workshop: Using Technology to Enhance Music History
     12:15–12:45 AMS Gay and Lesbian Study Group, Business Meeting 
     12:45–2:00 AMS Gay and Lesbian Study Group: Program: Sophie Fuller
     (Reading University), “A Queerable History? Women Musicians in
     Fin-de-siècle Britain” 

     12:30–1:30 Recital (sponsored by the AMS Performance Committee): “Recent
     Piano Works by Japanese Women Composers,” Margaret Lucia
     (Shippensburg University), piano 

     3:30–5:00 AMS/MLA Joint RISM Committee Meeting



Cage and Minimalism 
Christopher Shultis (University of New Mexico), Chair 

     Gregory N. Reish (State University of New York, Buffalo), “Una nota sola: Steiner,
     Rudhyar, Scriabin, Scelsi, and the Notion of Music on a Single Note” 

     Jeremy Grimshaw (Eastman School of Music), “The Sonic Search for Kolob: Mormon
     Cosmology and the Music of La Monte Young” 

     Amy C. Beal (University of California, Santa Cruz), “John Cage in West Germany,
     1952–1954: A Contextual Evaluation” 

     Sara Heimbecker (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), “‘Musicating’ Language:
     The Musical/Poetic Works of John Cage and Jackson Mac Low”

Renaissance Sources 
Patrick Macey (Eastman School of Music), Chair 

     Bonnie J. Blackburn (Oxford University), “Canonic Conundrums: The Singer’s

     Allen Scott (Oklahoma State University), “The Resumption of Printing in Late
     Sixteenth-Century Silesia: The Contributions of the Printer Nikolaus Schneider to
     Silesian Reformation Music History” 

     Richard J. Agee (Colorado College), “Ideological Conflicts in a Cinquecento Edition
     of Plainchant” 

     Kristine K. Forney (California State University, Long Beach), “Lasso in Stockholm: A
     ‘New’ Source Revealed”

Eighteenth-Century Opera 
John Rice (Rochester, Minnesota), Chair 

     JoAnn Taricani (University of Washington), “Henry Fielding as Impresario of Opera
     and Politics” 

     Martha Feldman (University of Chicago), “Eggs, Hens, Coops, and Castrati: Carnival
     and Sacrifice in Eighteenth-Century Opera” 

     Caryl Clark (University of Toronto), “Haydn, Mahler, and Lo speziale/Der
     Apotheker: The Jewish Connection” 

     Laurel E. Zeiss (Baylor University), “‘Birthplace of a New Recitative Style’?: The
     ‘Great Speaker Scene’ in Die Zauberflöte”

Music in French Society, 1889–1939 
Brian Hart (Northern Illinois University), Chair 

     Annegret Fauser (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), “New Media,
     Source-Bonding, and Alienation: Listening at the 1889 Exposition Universelle” 

     Mary Ellen Poole (Millikin University), “Une autre ivresse: Music in Parisian
     universités populaires, 1898–1910” 

     Catrina Flint de Médicis (McGill University), “Wayward Conduct and Inconstant
     Catholicism at the Parisian Schola Cantorum” 

     Jane F. Fulcher (Indiana University), “Symbolic Domination and Contestation in French
     Music: Shifting the Paradigm from Adorno to Bourdieu”

Early Modern Voices and Bodies 
Anne MacNeil (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Chair 

     Gordon Haramaki (University of California, Los Angeles), “Becoming Flesh:
     Monteverdi, Zephyr, and the Dancing Body” 

     Thomasin LaMay (Goucher College), “Madalena Casulana: My Body Knows
     Unheard-of Songs” 

     Don Fader (Indiana University), “Aristocratic Politesse and the Reception of Italian
     Music in Late Seventeenth-Century France” 

     Claire Fontijn-Harris (Wellesley College), “An Italian Circle in Late
     Seventeenth-Century Paris”

     5:00–6:00 AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues, Session Three 

     5:15–5:45 Recital (sponsored by the AMS Performance Committee): “Voice
     for solo flute by Toru Takemitsu,” Ulrike H. Anton (Universität für Musik,
     Vienna, and University of Vienna), flute 

     5:15–6:30 JAMS Editorial Board meeting 

     5:15–6:15 Open meeting, Ad Hoc Committee for the Annual Meeting Program 

     5:30–6:30 “Singing from Renaissance Facsimiles,” singing DuFay and Binchois from
     manuscript facsimiles. Leader: Valerie Horst, EMA President. All are welcome to
     come sing. 

     6:00–7:00 American Bach Society Editorial Board Meeting 

     6:45 Bus departs for concert: Ivan Moravec, piano, performs works by
     Janácek, Debussy, and Chopin, Spivey Hall, Clayton College and State
     University (concert begins 8:00) 

     7:15 Bus departs for concert: Glee Clubs of Spelman and Morehouse Colleges
     perform at Ebenezer Baptist Church in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic
     District (concert begins 8:00) 

     7:30 Bus departs for concert: Atlanta Baroque Orchestra and Atlanta Choral
     Artists, Lyle Nordstrom, director, present Charpentier’s Te Deum (with a new
     trumpet reconstruction by Charles Brewer) and Lully’s Suite from Le
     bourgeois gentilhomme, Cathedral of Christ the King (concert begins 8:15) 

     8:00 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (see Thursday for program details) 

     8:30–11:30 AMS Jam Session



Study Session: Between Opera and Cinema 
Jeongwon Joe (University of Nevada, Reno), Chair 

     Marcia J. Citron (Rice University) 
     Michael Grover-Friedlander (Princeton University) 
     Mary Hunter (Bowdoin College) 
     David J. Levin (University of Chicago) 
     Rose Theresa (State University of New York, Stony Brook) 
     Marc A. Weiner (Indiana University)

SATURDAY 17 November

     7:00–8:45 AMS Council Committee on Outreach Meeting 
     7:00–8:45 AMS Committee on the Status of Women Meeting 
     7:00–8:45 AMS Committee on Cultural Diversity Meeting 
     7:00–8:45 AMS Publications Committee Meeting 
     8:00–9:00 Beethoven Forum Editorial Board Breakfast Meeting 
     8:00–9:30 EMA Peer Forum for Collegium Directors: Gerald Hoekstra (St. Olaf
     College, chair of EMA Early Music in Higher Education Task Force), moderator 

     8:00–5:00 Job Interviews 
     8:30–5:00 Registration 
     8:30–6:00 Exhibits



Historical Consciousness in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century France 
Maribeth Clark (New College, University of South Florida), Chair 

     Willa Collins (Rice University), “Adolphe Adam’s Le Diable à quatre: A Possible
     Solution to the Mysterious Disappearance of a Popular Ballet” 

     Benjamin Walton (Oxford University), “The Operatic Coronation of Charles X” 

     Stacy Moore (Middlebury College), “Debussy and Creative Anachronism in the
     Chansons de France” 

     Robert Fallon (University of California, Berkeley), “L’oiseau est un amour rebelle:
     Tradition and Symbolism in Messiaen’s Early Bird Style”

Victor Fell Yellin (New York University), Chair 

     Bill F. Faucett (Royal Palm Beach, Florida), “Rip’s American Odyssey: Chadwick’s
     Rip Van Winkle Overture and its Revision” 

     Ann L. Silverberg (Austin Peay State University), “Marian MacDowell: Advocate for
     Women in Music” 

     Beth E. Levy (University of California, Berkeley), “The Sagas of the Prairies and the
     Myths of Modern Music: Copland’s Music for Radio” 

     Elizabeth Bergman Crist (University of Texas, Austin), “Aaron Copland in 1932”

Haydn and Rhetoric 
Gretchen A. Wheelock (Eastman School of Music), Chair 

     Elisabeth LeGuin (University of Califonia, Los Angeles), “Rehearsing Rhetoric in
     Joseph Haydn’s Trios for Keyboard and Strings” 

     Tom Beghin (University of Califonia, Los Angeles), “‘Delivery, Delivery, Delivery!’
     Crowning the Rhetorical Process of Haydn’s Keyboard Sonatas” 

     Wye J. Allanbrook (University of California, Berkeley), “Haydn and the Rhetoric of
     Comic Metamorphosis” 

     Richard Will (University of Virginia), “Reform Catholicism versus Divine Mystery in
     Haydn’s Seven Last Words of Christ”

Renaissance Topics 
Paula Higgins (University of Notre Dame), Chair 

     Jennifer Thomas (University of Cincinnati), “Marguerite of Austria and Catherine of
     Aragon: Personal Intersections in LonBLR 8. G VII” 

     Flynn Warmington (Somerville, Massachusetts), “Jena 4, Charles V, and the Conquest
     of the Infidels” 

     Richard Sherr (Smith College), “Resonances of Absalon fili mi in the Sixteenth

     Elizabeth Crownfield (New York University), “Puffs of Wind, Table Talk, and Rhyming
     a Man to Death: Anti-improvisational Trends in Elizabethan Aesthetics”

Mendelssohn, Schumann, Liszt 
Michael P. Steinberg (Cornell University), Chair 

     Jeffrey S. Sposato (Tufts University), “The Prophet Transfigured: Christology in
     Mendelssohn’s Elijah” 

     Monika Hennemann (University of Rhode Island), “The Phantom of Mendelssohn’s
     Opera: Fictional Accounts and Posthumous Propaganda” 

     Laura Tunbridge (Princeton University), “Blinding Faust” 

     Derek B. Scott (University of Salford), “Diabolus in musica: Liszt and the Demonic”

12:00–2:00 American Bach Society Advisory Board, Luncheon Meeting 
12:00–2:00 Seven Springs Consortium 
12:00–2:00 Society for Eighteenth-Century Music, Business Meeting 
12:00–4:00 AMS Committee on the Publication of American Music, Luncheon Meeting 
12:00–4:00 American Handel Society, Board Meeting 
12:15–1:45 AMS Council Meeting 

12:30–1:30 Lecture-Recital (sponsored by the AMS Performance Committee): “Can this
beauty in our hearts end? Songs of Rebecca Clarke,” Liane Curtis (Brandeis University),
musicologist; Eileen L. Strempel (Syracuse University), soprano; Sylvie Beaudette
(Eastman School of Music), piano 



Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century 
Margarita Mazo (Ohio State University), Chair 

     James A. Grymes (Florida State University), “‘My Only Fault Was Being a Good
     Patriot’: New Sources from Ernst von Dohnányi’s Political Portfolio” 

     Danielle Fosler-Lussier (Princeton University), “Writing a Communist Life: András
     Mihály and the Possibility of Musical Dissent” 

     Peter Schmelz (University of California, Berkeley), “Andrei Volkonsky, the ‘Young
     Composers,’ and Avant-Garde Music in the Soviet Union, 1956–1962” 

     Ildar Khannanov (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Analysis of Tonal Music in
     the Soviet Union: Integralists vs. Formalists”

Approaches to Biography 
Christopher Gibbs (State University of New York, Buffalo), Chair 

     K. M. Knittel (University of Texas, Austin), “Pilgrimages to Beethoven: Reminiscences
     by his Contemporaries” 

     Rita Steblin (University of Victoria), “Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved: Evidence Against
     Almerie Esterházy” 

     Jolanta T. Pekacz (University of Saskatchewan), “Musical Biography as a Cultural
     Discourse: Chopin as a Case Study” 

     James Deaville (McMaster University), “Finding their Voices: New (Auto-)
     Biographical Sources for Women Musicians in Late Nineteenth-Century Germany”

Music and Monarchy in Early Modern France 
Downing Thomas (University of Iowa), Chair 

     Kate van Orden (University of California, Berkeley), “Control the City and Control the
     State: The Te Deum and Penitential Processions under Henry III” 

     Geoffrey V. Burgess (Jersey City, New Jersey), “À l’Ouverture des Enfers: Royal
     Entrée and Subversive ‘Other’ in the Tragédie en musique” 

     Donald B. Chae (University of Chicago), “Governing the Passions, Governing the
     State: Lully’s Alceste and the Problem of Cartesian Metaphysics” 

     Charles Dill (University of Wisconsin, Madison), “Ideological Noises: Opera Criticism
     in Early Eighteenth-Century France”



Metaphysics of Early Nineteenth-Century Theory 
David Yearsley (Cornell University), Chair 

     Holly Watkins (University of California, Berkeley), “Deep Subjects: Music, Metaphor,

     Keith Chapin (Stanford University), “The Nature of the Learned Style: Counterpoint in
     Northern Germany, ca. 1800–1820”

Music and Politics 
Hugh Macdonald (Washington University), Chair 

     Peter Bloom (Smith College), “The ‘Local Politics’ of Berlioz’s Symphonie militaire” 

     Nathaniel Geoffrey Lew (University of California, Berkeley), “A Tonic to the Nation:
     The Festival of Britain Opera Competition”

Musical Guides 
Theresa Muir (Brooklyn, New York), Chair 

     Christian Thorau (Harvard University), “Labels for Wagnerians: Leitmotifs as
     Constructs of Middle-Class Wagner Reception, 1876–1914” 

     Leanne Langley (Goldsmiths College, University of London), “Grove in Perspective:
     The First Dictionary of Music and Musicians”

Daniel Chua (King’s College, London), Chair 

     James R. Currie (Columbia University), “Sirens: On the Seductive Appearance of
     Beethoven’s Heiliger Dankgesang” 

     Alan Shockley (Princeton University), “Sound and Shape: Ulysses’ Sirens’ Songs”

5:30–7:00 AMS Business Meeting 

7:30 Buses depart for concert: Netherlands Chamber Choir, performing works by Bach,
Pärt, Rachmaninov, Vasks, and Franssens, Glenn Memorial Auditorium, Emory
University; post-concert reception at Emory’s Michael C. Carlos Museum 

10:00–1:00 AMS Ball: The Gary Motley Jazz Ensemble 

10:00 AMS Gay and Lesbian Study Group Party 


Panel Discussion: Negro Spirituals in the Twentieth Century: Vehicles of Memory,
Vindication, and Desire 
Lawrence Schenbeck (Spelman College) and Marva Griffin Carter (Georgia State University),

     Jon Cruz (University of California, Santa Barbara) 
     Paul Allen Anderson (University of Michigan) 
     Willie Strong (Yale University)

SUNDAY 18 November

     7:00–8:45 AMS Joint Meeting of the 2001 and 2002 Local Arrangements Committees

     7:00–8:45 AMS Board of Directors Meeting 
     7:00–8:45 Directors of Graduate Studies Meeting 

     8:00–12:00 Job Interviews 
     8:30–12:00 Registration 
     8:30–12:00 Exhibits



David Crawford (University of Michigan), Chair 

     Gretchen Peters (University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire), “Politics and Music: Civic
     Patronage of Music in Late Medieval Southern France” 

     Roberta Freund Schwartz (Luther College), “Spain is Different: Patronage of Music by
     the Spanish Nobility in the Renaissance” 

     Rachelle Taylor (McGill University), “The Musicians of Salisbury House: Patronage

     Marica S. Tacconi (Pennsylvania State University), “In Honor of the Florentine
     Cathedral: The 1526 Contrafactum Office of St. Zenobius”

Music and the Idea of Nature 
Annette Richards (Cornell University), Chair 

     Brandon Konoval (University of British Columbia), “Music and The Book of Nature:
     Pythagorean Tradition and Empirical Mathematics in the Discourses of Vincenzo

     Matthew Gelbart (University of California, Berkeley), “Charles Burney and the Origin
     of a New Modality” 

     Catherine Cole (University of Chicago), “The Maternal Voice of ‘Natural’ Music in
     Late Enlightenment France” 

     Timothy D. Watkins (Tallahassee, Florida), “Cellular-Modular Organization as an
     Indicator of Nahua Influence on Compositions by Gaspar Fernandes”

Issues of Canon in Jazz and African-American Music 
Frank Tirro (Yale University), Chair 

     Andy Fry (St John’s College, Oxford University / University of Pennsylvania), “ ‘Du
     “Jazz Hot” à la créole’: Josephine Baker Sings Offenbach” 

     Dale Chapman (University of California, Los Angeles), “Ellington as Early Music: Jazz
     Repertory Ensembles and the Cultural Implications of a ‘Historically Informed’ Jazz” 

     David Ake (University of Nevada, Reno), “Local Jazz: Working Musicians,
     Modernism, and the Canon” 

     Sarah Schmalenberger (University of Minnesota), “‘The Three Periods of Negro Music
     and Drama’ (1922): Negotiating a Place for African-Americans in Music History”

Nineteenth-Century Italian Opera 
Gabriela Cruz (Tufts University), Chair 

     Melina Esse (University of California, Berkeley), “Gothic Shudders: Discourses of the
     Body in Donizetti’s Maria de Rudenz” 

     Jesse Rosenberg (Northwestern University), “The Other Basevi: Abramo Basevi as
     Theorist, Critic, and Philosopher” 

     Philip Gossett (University of Chicago), “Steps and Missteps in Un ballo in maschera” 

     Elizabeth Hudson (University of Virginia), “Trovatore Today”

Text and Materiality in the Seventeenth Century 
Alexander Silbiger (Duke University), Chair 

     Michael Spitzer (University of Durham), “Metaphor in Baroque Music Poetics:
     Harsdörffer’s Gesprächspiele and the Visual Imagination” 

     Stephen Rose (Cambridge University), “The Rhetoric of Textual Perfection: Ontologies
     of Music in Early Modern Print Culture” 

     Gregory S. Johnston (University of Toronto), “The Musical Box: Coffins as Locus for
     Performance and Composition in Early Modern Germany” 

     Olivia A. Bloechl (University of Pennsylvania), “Polyphony and Prophetic History in
     Gabriel Sagard’s Histoire du Canada”

3:00 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (see Thursday for program details) 

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