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Vincenzo Bellini and France: History, Performance and Reception of His Work
Paris, November 2001

 Université de Paris – Sorbonne
               in collaboration with the University of Catania
Observatoire Musical Français 


                        Information and Call for Papers


                            International Symposium

                          Vincenzo Bellini and France

                 History, Performance and Reception of His Work




                   Paris, Sorbonne, 5 – 6 November 2001


    Organizing Committee: Danièle Pistone, Salvatore Enrico Failla, Giuseppe

The life and works of Vincenzo Bellini (Catania, 1801 – Puteaux, 1835) are
divided between an initial Italian phase and the Parisian consecration which
climaxes with the premiere of I Puritani at the Théâtre Italien. We extend an
invitation to participate to all of our musicologist colleagues interested by
matters pertaining to the composer's Parisian sojourn, ultimate musical creations
and death, but also to relationships with the musical milieu, influences of French
opera or the “silence” of Italian musicians in France. The studies
may, for instance, concern the relationship of Bellini's work with France
(literary sources for the librettos, the two versions of I Puritani, the
non-theatrical production), his reception on operatic stages and in the press,
musical settings of Bellini themes and literary texts. In a more general way the
contributions may further highlight the relationships among Sicilians and the
French in the first half of the 19th century.
The symposium will take place on 5 and 6 November 2001, in celebration of the
two-hundredth anniversary of the composer's birth (3 November 1801). For each of
the two days 8 to 10 papers of 20-30 minutes are planned, each followed by 15
minutes of discussion.
The working languages will be French, English and Italian. In order to help
expedite publication procedures the definitive text ready for printing will be
requested at the end of the symposium, on floppy disc or printout, accompanied by
a summary in English for the articles in French or Italian, and a summary in
French for articles written in English. Free admission to all sessions. Travel and
lodging will be at the expense of the participants.
Those interested are asked to send the information requested below to the
following addresses before 15 January 2001:
Observatoire Musical Français – Université de Paris –
1, rue Victor Cousin, esc. G, 3e étage   –   F – 75230 Paris
Cedex 05
            Fax: [+33] [0]1 40 46 25 88                   E-mail:


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France. Histoire, Performance and Reception of his Works, on 5 and 6
November 2001 at the University of Paris-Sorbonne.
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