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Society for Music Analysis Study Day: Music Analysis and Popular Music
Cardiff, November 2001

Society for Music Analysis

Autumn Study Day 
Music Analysis and Popular Music 

Cardiff University Department of Music
Saturday 17 November 2001 10.30 - 17.30

This one-day conference brings together some of the most significant and
representative voices in the interpretation of popular music. It will provide a
reflection of current critical, analytical and theoretical popular music

John Richardson (City): 	'Loose affiliations: popular music scholarship,
identity, and the Bernard Herrmann string sound'

Nicola Dibben (Sheffield): 	'Subject position and subject matter in
contemporary pop'

Richard Middleton (Newcastle): 	'It's the voice, stupid!'

Walter Everett (Michigan): 	'Making sense of rock's tonal systems'

Roundtable session:		'Music analysis and popular music'
Chair: 				Eric Clarke (Sheffield)
Participants:			Dai Griffiths (Oxford Brookes), Philip Tagg 
				(Liverpool), John Richardson, Nicola
				Dibben, Richard Middleton, Walter Everett

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Ken Gloag
Department of Music, Cardiff University
Corbett Road
Cardiff CF10 3EB
Wales, UK