International Andrzej Panufnik Conference:
Andrzej Panufnik’s Music and its Reception

Kraków, Poland
23-25 November 2001

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Institute of Musicology of the Jagiellonian University
ul. Westerplatte 10
31-033 Kraków

tel./fax (+48-12) 422-0064

The first international conference dedicated to Andrzej Panufnik is being organized by the Institute of Musicology with the collaboration of the Academy of Music in Cracow.

The theme of this conference is: Andrzej Panufnik’s Music and its Reception. Nine topics will be discussed :

          1. Polish subject matter in Panufnik’s works 
          2. Pitch organization in Panufnik’s music 
          3. The role of geometry in Panufnik’s technique of composing 
          4. Panufnik’s chamber and piano works 
          5. Panufnik’s concertos 
          6. Panufnik as one of the greatest symphonists of the 20th Century 
          7. The reception of Panufnik’s music in Poland and in Great Britain 
          8. The work of Andrzej Panufnik in the context of contemporary trends in
          9. Stylistic affinities and differences between the music of Andrzej
          Panufnik and his daughter Roxanna Panufnik.

We are expecting around 50 participants from Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and USA, among them members of the composer’s family.

In addition to the conference, there will also be several performances of Panufnik’s works.

Sir Andrzej Panufnik (Warsaw 1914 – Twickenham, London 1991) spent the first half of his life in Poland, and the second in England bringing fame to both countries thanks to his world-class musical career. He is regarded as one of the greatest composers of symphonic music of our time. He wrote 10 symphonies and several other symphonic works and concertos. For his achievements in music and conducting he was awarded several prizes, among which 1st prize for Sinfonia Sacra in the Prince Rainier Competition in Monaco in 1963, and another award for all his work in the same competition in 1983. In 1991 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Academy of Music in Warsaw and the same year he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. After his death - he was awarded Poland’s highest decoration, Polonia Restituta.

Conference programme

Lady Panufnik (London): Andrzej Panufnik’s life style and daily routine
Zbigniew Skowron (Warsaw): The artistic attitude of the composer, his aesthetics and views
* * *
Concert of Panufnik’s piano works

Twelve Miniature Studies
Gabriela Szyndzielorz-Jungiewicz, piano

Stanislaw Bromboszcz, piano

* * *
Alicja Jarzêbska (Cracow): Time organization in Panufnik’s music
Beata Boles³awska (Warsaw): Geometry in Panufnik’s work
Charles Bodman Rae (Manchester): The role of the major-minor chord in Panufnik’s compositional technique
Jadwiga Paja-Stach (Cracow): Panufnik’s piano music
Ewa Siemdaj (Cracow): Panufnik’s symphonies. The evolution of the composer’s style
Calum McDonald (London): Panufnik’s later symphonic production
Martina Homma (Köln): Balancing precomposition, inspiration and rigour in the late symphonies by Panufnik
Alina Królak (Bydgoszcz): Pitch organization in Panufnik’s concertos
Renata Suchowiejko (Cracow): Panufnik’s chamber music
* * *
Regina Ch³opicka (Cracow): Dramaturgy in the symphonies of Panufnik and Penderecki
Christian Heindl (Vienna): Affinities and differencies in the musical style of Andrzej and Roxanna Panufnik
Bernard Jacobson (Philadelphia): Panufnik’s music in the context of 20th Century music
Ma³gorzata Wo¼na-Stankiewicz (Cracow): Reception of Panufnik’s music in Poland
Violetta Kostka (Gdañsk): Reception of Panufnik’s music in Great Britain
Adrian Thomas (Cardiff): Reception of Panufnik’s music after World War II (1945-56)
Ray Robinson (Philadelphia): Reception of Panufnik’s music in  USA
* * *
Andrzej Sitarz (Cracow): Elaboration of Janiewicz’s trios in Panufnik’s music
Anna Piotrowska (Cracow): National identity of the emigré composer. The case of Panufnik
* * *
Conference round-up

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