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Sights and Sounds
Terre Haute, IN, October/November 2001

Department of Music

Call for Papers--"Sights and Sounds"
Topics relating to music linked with other media

The Indiana State University Department of Music invites the submission of
abstracts for the 35th annual Contemporary Music Festival, to be held
October 31-November 2, 2001.  Principal guests of the 35th Festival include
noted film composer Richard Einhorn and The Louisville Orchestra.

Presentations in a variety of formats are sought in order to engage an
audience of invited guests, music students, music faculty, and the general
public on the subject of music as it is composed, arranged, and adapted for
use with other artistic media.

All presentations should be limited to 20 minutes.  Abstracts should be
written so that they can be printed or typed on one 8.5 X 11-inch page.  If
sending by regular mail or fax, please send two copies; at the bottom of
the first should appear the author's name, audio-visual equipment
requirements for the presentation, institutional affiliation or city of
residence, and full return address, including e-mail address and fax number
where possible. The second copy should be anonymous.  If sending by e-mail,
please send as an attachment.   For presentations involving more than one
person, the organizer should submit an abstract long enough to summarize
the basic theme and ideas of the entire presentation and the contributions
expected from each of the participants.

Anonymous copies of each abstract will be reproduced for the committee,
whose initial reading and rating of the proposals will be made on the basis
of the anonymous abstracts.

Over the last thirty-four years, the festival has featured numerous
nationally and internationally known performers, conductors, and composers.
Fifteen composers now have received the Pulitzer Prize for music.   An
annual competition for orchestral compositions, part of the festival since
its inception, has provided many young composers with the invaluable
experience of hearing their works rehearsed and performed by a professional
orchestra.  For information about the most recent Contemporary Music
Festival at Indiana State University, please consult the Festival web site

All abstracts are due by April 1, 2001 and should be sent to:

Contemporary Music Festival
c/o Dr. Randall Mitchell
Department of Music
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN  47809

Questions can be e-mailed to

Our fax number is +1-(812) 237-3009