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The Avatars of A Clockwork Orange
Angers, December 2001

Call for Papers
by the University of Angers (France)
for an International Symposium on

The Avatars of A Clockwork Orange,
to be held at the "Amphigouri"

on December 7, 8 and 9, 2001
under the auspices of the

Anthony Burgess Center (ABC)

All aspects (and various manifestations) of A Clockwork Orange will be examined,
including the notebooks (held at the ABC) and working manuscripts, the two
versions of the published novel, Kubrick's film, the reception of the book and/or
the film, Burgess's theatrical adaptation (with music), and the post-Clockwork
resonances and reflections in such Burgess works as A Clockwork Testament and the
two volumes of autobiography.

Proposals for papers (400 words) should be sent to the ABC, (Maison des Sciences
Humaines, 2, rue A. Fleming, 49100 Angers) care of Emmanuel Vernadakis, no later than May 2001.