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The Carmen Conference
Newcastle upon Tyne, March 2002



25-27 MARCH 2002

Keynote speakers: Peter Evans, Queen Mary & Westfield College, University
of London; Susan McClary, University of California at Los Angeles; Jeremy
Tambling , University of Hong Kong

Arguably, everybody 'knows' the Carmen story, partly because of the opera,
but also because of its passionately melodramatic encapsulation of one of
the major stereotypes of woman in Western culture, as the number of film
versions attests. 'Carmen' has been filmed no less than 77 times, six
times in the 1980s alone. It is not just an example of intertextuality,
but arguably also the most potent modern myth of woman as whore, femme
fatale, self-destructing trap for the weak-willed man. It is all the more
surprising then that there has been no substantial research on the film
versions of the story. In an attempt to fill this gap, the Centre for
Research into Film & Media at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne has
set up the Carmen Project, to provide critical analysis of the films,
confronting versions of the Carmen narrative both from the Hollywood
tradition and from the European tradition. We are holding an international
conference as a forum for the exploration of the Carmen story on film; we
invite you to join us in discussing this significant film theme at our

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