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Shakespeare in Popular Culture
2002 Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association, National Meeting
Toronto, March 2002

Call for Papers

Shakespeare in Popular Culture
an area for the

2002 Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association
National Meeting: Toronto, Canada. March 13 - 16, 2002

Please join us for the fifth year of "Shakespeare in Popular Culture" has appeared
as part of the Popular Culture/American Culture Association documenting and
examining the Bard's place in contemporary culture, particularly American Culture.  
Abstracts are preferred that examine more than one text adn/or examine Shakespop
in relation to the culture as a whole.  In addition to film, these panels are
interested in Shakespeare references/adaptations in novels, plays, music, comics,
television, advertising.  Papers may examine how the proliferation of a populist
Shakespeare affects the classroom.

Send an abstract (100-250 words) by Sept. 16 to:
Elizabeth Abele

Please include: title, academic affiliation, email and snail mail.