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Urban Culture in the Middle Ages
Toronto, March 2002

Centre for Medieval Studies
University of Toronto

Call for Papers

City Limits: Urban Culture in the Middle Ages

An Interdisciplinary Conference
Saturday, March 2, 2002

How did medieval people shape their cities, and how did they live in them?
What limits did they set with laws, walls, art and ritual, and how did
they break out of these limits?  As cities expanded, efforts grew to
regulate everything from food to entertainment to the use of space.  But
definitions of urban space through ordinance could be less effective and
less meaningful than rituals, theatre, music, and art. Did urban dwellers
take either the regulations or the cultural identity seriously, or were
they too caught up in daily life to care very much about either?  This
interdisciplinary conference aims to examine how medieval people looked at
their cities as spaces and places, as city-states and states of mind, as
markets and missions.

Some areas we would like to explore include:

Gardens and Green Spaces
Sick Cities: Illness and Plague
Sex in the City
City Songs, City Stories: Music and Literature
Domestic Life
Buildings and Public Spaces
Commerce and Trade
Holy Cities: Civic Religion and Ritual

Deadline for abstracts (1 p. maximum): September 14, 2001

Abstracts may be submitted by email, fax, or post.  Please address them to
the attention of the 2002 CMS Conference Committee.

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