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American Musicological Society, South-Central Chapter, Annual Meeting
Louisville, KY, April 2002


The annual meeting of the South-Central Chapter of the American
Musicological Society will be held on the campus of the University of
Louisville, in Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday and Saturday, 5-6 April
2002. Members of the Program Committee invite all scholars and
scholar-performers to submit presentation proposals, including those with
a performance component. Submissions may be sent by mail or fax or e-mail
attachment (Adobe Acrobat/PDF format only) to the Program Chair:

Alison P. Deadman
Department of Music
East Tennessee State University
Box 70661
Johnson City, TN 37614-0216, USA
Fax: +1-(423) 439-7088
Tel. +1-(423) 439-6432

If submitting by mail, send four copies postmarked no later than 15
January 2002. If by fax or e-mail attachment, send one copy no later than
17 January 2002. Please note: Proposals sent by e-mail in formats other
than Adobe Acrobat will not be accepted. For presentations that will
include performance (other than brief musical examples), enclose four
copies of a cassette recording with the abstract. Presentations should not
exceed 25 minutes.

Abstracts should be concise (no longer than 250 words) but thorough, and
should indicate clearly the scope of research, methods, and conclusions.
They should also appear in a format suitable for direct publication in the
abstract booklet. Include title, centered at the top of the page and, at
the bottom right, the author's name, institutional affiliation or place of
residence and email address. A letter from an advisor or other faculty
member verifying student status should accompany each abstract submitted
by a student.  Students whose abstracts are selected by the Program
Committee will be eligible to compete in the Rey M. Longyear Student Paper
Competition. This $100 award, given in memory of Professor Longyear, will
be awarded at the chapter meeting.

- --Seow-Chin Ong, President
- --Alison P. Deadman, Program Chair

Lawrence Schenbeck, Chapter Secretary