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Crafting Sounds, Creating Meaning: Making Popular Music in the U.S.A.
Seattle, WA, April 2002


Crafting Sounds, Creating Meaning: Making Popular Music in the U.S.

Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA
April 11 to 14, 2002

Experience Music Project (EMP) of Seattle, Washington, a museum devoted to
exploring creativity and innovation as expressed through American popular music,
is pleased to announce its first annual academic conference on popular music
studies. It will be held in Seattle, at EMP, from April 11 to 14, 2002.

We invite papers from across all disciplines that address popular music, broadly
defined in terms of genre, style, and period. While papers on all topics are
welcome, we are especially interested in those papers that explore the general
idea of "making popular music," from putting together sounds in composition and
performance to marketing music through promotions, tours, and videos; experiencing
music as a listener; and shaping pop music's meaning through journalism and

Questions to explore include:
How do people "make music" through composing, performing, recording, sampling,
 DJ-ing, producing, managing, marketing, merchandising, consuming, listening,
 dancing, writing, learning, and teaching?
How do ideologies of authorship, creativity, learning, talent, commerce, and
 technology shape our understanding of popular music texts, cultures, and 
How do we account for the birth or rebirth of different kinds of genres, styles,
 and songs in different historical eras/cultures?
How might we introduce meaningful music making and musical participation among
 children, teens, and adults?

We are interested in bringing together a wide range of perspectives on these and
other issues from scholars, educators, and students, as well as people who do not
ordinarily meet in an academic conference setting, including musicians, producers,
and journalists. The conference will include panel discussions, keynote lectures,
and concerts in EMP's Sky Church. EMP is currently developing a popular music
journal; all conference presenters will be invited to submit their papers for
publication in the inaugural issue.

Proposals should include a 250-word-or-fewer abstract of the paper and a 50-word
biography of the presenter. Please send all proposals by November 15, 2001, to
Daniel Cavicchi at E-mail submissions are preferred, but
submissions may also be sent through US mail to:

Daniel Cavicchi
Experience Music Project
2901 Third Avenue
Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98121

Notifications of acceptance will go out by mid-January. Attendance at the
conference will require a $45.00 registration fee; additional information about
the conference schedule, registration, and lodging will be made available in
January on EMP's Web site,