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Identity and Cultural Exchange 600-1600: Contact, Travel and Trade
Birmingham, April 2002

5-7 APRIL 2002

This conference at the University of Birmingham will examine the ways in
which cultural interaction affects constructions of identity, with
particular reference to the significance of personal mobility and economic
transaction. It is organised by staff and postgraduates within the
departments of English and History. The conference is at heart
interdisciplinary, and we are encouraging the participation of academics
from various disciplines and levels of experience with interests in the
period 600- 1600. The conference title offers the potential for many
differing approaches, and we look forward to facilitating such responses.

Papers are invited from a range of theoretical perspectives in relation to
fields such as art history, social, political and economic history,
archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, and literary studies. Specific
themes might include:  trading texts/making and moving manuscripts;  
cultural intertextuality; local and regional identities; representations
of trade; merchant communities; musical tradition and change;  religious
development and dissent; pilgrimage;  gift exchange; migration,
colonisation and ethnicity; armies and invaders; diplomatic relations in
Europe and beyond; Oriental and African perceptions of occidental culture.  
Papers will be presented in a variety of ways.  Proposals for panels
(maximum three speakers)  and poster presentations are welcomed. Synopses
of 400-500 words are requested by 31st October 2001. Participation is
invited from scholars at all stages of research. It is expected that the
conference will result in the publication of a volume of papers.

We are particularly interested in encouraging postgraduates to take part.
Some bursaries will be available; those who may require assistance with
funding should contact the address below for details as to how to apply.

The conference is part of a joint venture over two years between the
University of Birmingham and the Canterbury Centre for Medieval and Tudor
Studies, University of Kent at Canterbury. The first conference, Changing
Identity, took place at Canterbury in February 2001.

Enquiries and synopses to:

Philippa Semper
University of Birmingham
Department of English
B15 2TT
Tel: +44 (0)121 414 5684