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Renaissance Power Play
Los Angeles, April 2002


Renaissance Power Play:
The Uses and Abuses of Power in Early Modern Europe

Annual Conference of the Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society
Marlborough School, Los Angeles, California
4-6 April, 2002

It will come as no surprise that the current state of Renaissance studies
has emerged from a fruitful engagement with "discourses of power," both in
terms of the discipline's relation to its traditional historical subject
matter, as well as its place within a larger postmodern academic climate.
Recognizing that discussions of power relations have, by now, reached
their denouement, this conference endeavors to assess where this dominant
critical paradigm has left us, and where we might proceed from here. This
year's theme should be interpreted broadly, and papers are invited to
consider any aspect of power negotiations in political, social, or
artistic spheres throughout the Renaissance. We're especially interested
in studies that adopt a comparative approach, perhaps discussing "power"
in more than one national, social, or institutional context.  We hope that
the dynamic created among the papers will articulate new directions for
understanding how our positioning within current academic culture informs
-- or betrays -- our analyses of early-modern power configurations.

Plenary Speakers:
Richard Helgerson
Department of English, University of California-Santa Barbara

Kenneth Bartlett
Department of History, University of Toronto

Proposals of no more than 500 words should be sent to either of the
following conveners before 31 December, 2001.  Electronic submissions
are encouraged.  Please visit the conference website at

Mark Bayer
Department of English, Ohio State Univ.
164 West 17th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio
Phone: +1-614-292-6065
FAX:   +1-614-292-7816

Dr. Brent Whitted
Marlborough School
250 South Rossmore Avenue
Los Angeles, California
Phone:  +1-323-935-7978
FAX:    +1-323-933-0542