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The Subject of Meaning in the Arts
Riverside, CA, April 2002

CALL FOR PAPERS:  The Subject of Meaning in the Arts
"(Dis)junctions Conference: The Center Does Not Hold" is the ninth 
annual humanities graduate student conference at the University of 
California, Riverside; April 5-6th, 2002.

Despite the acclaimed deconstruction and obsolescence of 'traditional'
models of ob/subjectivity and meaning, these models still enjoy
wide-spread currency in contemporary academic scholarship.  Graduate
students are invited to present papers relevant to the themes of
subjectivity and meaning as they relate to arts' scholarship.

Questions of how meaning is derived, performed, proliferated, coerced,
including its relevance as an expression, are central to the assumptions
underlying scholarship in the arts.  Indeed, such questions may extend to
how artists themselves perform meaning, and/or perform their subjectivity
within a discourse of meaning production.  Research complicating,
examining, subverting, intervening, mythologizing, or apotheosizing these
models are encouraged.  Submissions are also welcomed concerning theories
of hybridity, globalism, methodology, performativity, semiotics, as they
may relate to the production of meaning.

For more information visit the Disjunctions Conference website at, or contact the committee at

Individual abstracts and abstracts for pre-formed panels of three should
be sent to by February 15, 2002. The submissions
should be no longer than 250 words for individual submissions and 750 for
panel submissions.  Applications sent via snail mail must arrive no later
than February 15, 2002 and should be sent to:
Disjunctions, UCR's Ninth Annual Humanities Conference
Department of English
UC Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521-0323