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Victorian Transformations, Midwest Victorian Studies Association
Chicago, April 2003

The MIDWEST VICTORIAN STUDIES ASSOCIATION invites 500-word proposals on the
theme of VICTORIAN TRANSFORMATIONS for its 27th annual conference to be held at
the Seneca Hotel in Chicago on April 11-12, 2003.  Possible topics include
transformations, conversions, metamorphoses, refashionings, shifts and alterations
whether personal, political, literary, or artistic; Victorian adaptations and
influences; transformations that affected Victorians' world view--or our view of
Victorians; transforming developments in science, medicine, or psychology; sea
changes in social ideologies; reversals and advances.

In keeping with the spirit and nature of MVSA, interdisciplinary topics are
encouraged, as are submissions from historians, art historians, musicologists, and
all who do research in the field of Victorian Studies.

Direct inquiries and abstracts (no more than one typed page, please, and no e-mail
attachments) to:

Dr. Anne M. Windholz
MVSA Executive Secretary
P.O. Box 571
DeKalb, IL  60115, USA

Deadline for submissions:  November 1, 2002