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Second Chicago Conference on Caucasia, Chicago
May 2002



will be held on the campus of the University of Chicago


We are issuing a call for papers dealing with the languages and cultures of
Caucasia. There will be a Linguistics Session and a Culture Session.

For the Linguistics Session, we solicit papers dealing with languages presently or
historically spoken in the Caucasus. Topics dealing with any area of linguistics
are welcomed.

For the Culture Session, we solicit papers dealing with all areas of the folklore,
literature, art, music, ethnography, and social sciences of the peoples of the
North and South Caucasus.

All abstracts for these sessions will be subjected to peer review. A total of 30
minutes will be allotted for the presentation and discussion of each paper
accepted.  Normally this means 20 minutes for the paper and 10 minutes for
discussion, but the apportionment is at the discretion of the speaker.  Time
limits will be strictly observed. Papers must be presented in English. No funds
are available to cover travel or housing costs.

If you are interested in participating a paper, please sent a one- to two-page
abstract of your proposed paper ideally via e-mail to or
to the address below. Faculty members are particularly requested to encourage
graduate students to submit abstracts. The deadline for receipt of abstracts is 1
October 2001. You will be notified if your paper has been accepted for
presentation by 1 November 2001.

Chicago Conference on Caucasia
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