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Exile in Modern Europe: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
New Brunswick, NJ, May 2002

Exile in Modern Europe: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Workshop at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
May 17-18, 2002, New Brunswick, NJ

Sponsored by History Department, European Studies Graduate Student
Association, Center for Russian, Central and East European Studies

In the past two decades our changing world has forced scholars in humanities to
focus more on those phenomena in world history that can be described as
transnational. For the most part this trend was and is reflected in the studies of
diasporas, which have expanded tremendously to encompass practically any dispersed
group. And yet, this emerging trend towards a history of transnationality has
overlooked an important cultural and political institution in modern Europe that
provides significant insights into the emergence of the cosmopolitan European
culture that transcends national borders-- the institution of political exile and
emigration, urging some historians to label political emigrations a "lost

At the same time, exile as a phenomenon of modern history brings to light those
processes in modern state and nation formation that are defined by borders and
limits: here one finds the first signs of the emerging regime of exclusion and

The task of our workshop will be to address the phenomenon of exile in modern
Europe from perspectives offered by history, political science, sociology,
literary studies, and anthropology. The workshop will be divided into three
sections (history, political science/sociology/anthropology, and literary and
cultural studies). Papers will be distributed in advance among participants.

Submissions can, but do not have to, focus on one of the following topics:

* Comparative history of political emigrations 
* Terminological debate, e.g., refugees, expellees, exiles, émigrés, etc.
* Nansen commission and the management of political exile
* Political asylum as a modern institution
* Regime of modern nation-state and political exile
* Cultures of exile-- political emigrations and their impact on host societies
* Cultures of exile-- issues of continuity in national traditions
* Political emigrations and Homeland politics
* Nationalism and political exile
* Political exile as a catalyst of transnational cultural exchange
* Political exiles and political movements in host societies
* Social structure and social development of émigré communities

Deadline for abstract submissions is March 30, 2002.

For additional information or to submit your abstract please contact Serguei
Glebov at the address below.

Contact information:
Serguei Glebov
Rutgers University History Department
16 Seminary Place, 
New Brunswick, NJ 08901, USA

Tel/Fax: +1-651-323-2979

Workshop website: