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Workshop on Early Modern German History
London, May 2002



Friday 31 May 2002
Venue: German Historical Institute, London

General Aim

Early modern German history has been transformed over the last few years by new
questions and approaches.  While these have featured on the agendas of several
important interdisciplinary conferences, there has been little opportunity for
early modern Germanists to discuss these developments together.  The one-day
workshop will provide a chance to meet, hear and discuss the latest research and
work in progress.  To encourage the interchange of ideas, 'German history' should
be understood broadly as Central European and the timespan widened to include
those who range outside the period generally considered as 'early modern'.  The
Workshop is sponsored by the German History Society and participation is free,
including lunch.  It aims

* To provide an informal opportunity to exchange ideas and research findings,
  particularly for postgraduates and new researchers
* To enable participants to take stock of the rich diversity of new work just
  completed, or currently in progress
* To make new connections and stimulate further research
* To have a fun day!

General Outline

The day will be organised as a series of themed workshops, each introduced by a
panel chair and consisting of approx. 3 short papers and a general discussion.  
The point of the papers is to present new findings or work-in-progress in summary
form, rather than extended detailed discussion. Accordingly, participants are
encouraged to:

* keep to 10 minutes
* highlight major findings or questions
* indicate how work might develop in the future
* provide a short outline (no more than 1 side of A4) in advance for distribution
  to participants


10.00am         Arrival and coffee
10.30           Politics and War
11.30           Religion and Confessionalisation
12.30           Lunch
2.00pm          Society and Culture
3.00            Coffee
3.30            Gender
4.30            Concluding remarks from panel chairs

How to take part

If you are interested in presenting a short paper, please contact:

Prof Peter H. Wilson
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Sunderland
Priestman Building
Sunderland, SR1 3PZ, UK

If you are interested in attending as a participant, please contact:

Dr Michael Schaich
German Historical Institute
17 Bloomsbury Square
London, WC1A 2NJ, UK


Dr Karin Friedrich (University of London)
Dr Trevor Johnson (University of the West of England, Bristol)
Dr Michael Schaich (German Historical Institute, London)
Prof. Peter H. Wilson (University of Sunderland)