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Musicology at Kalamazoo
Thirty-Seventh International Congress on Medieval Studies
Kalamazoo, MI, May 2002

Thirty-Seventh International Congress on Medieval Studies
Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2-5, 2002

Abstracts are due *September 20, 2001.*

The session organizers for Musicology at Kalamazoo invite submissions for the next
annual gathering at Kalamazoo in May 2002.  We have proposed four sessions, but
invite submissions on any topic pertaining to medieval music. Our chronological
boundaries are loosely defined; we generally include papers covering any time up
to the mid-1500s.

Musicology at Kalamazoo I:   Parody, Imitation and Model, Revisited
Musicology at Kalamazoo II:  Music in Cultural Context
Musicology at Kalamazoo III: Good Music versus Bad Music
Musicology at Kalamazoo IV:  The Boundaries of Genre

Abstracts for should be sent to Cynthia Cyrus at the address (or e-mail address)
listed below.  Please include your snail-mail address, your institutional
affiliation (if any), your e-mail address, and a list of any necessary A-V
equipment.  The deadline for proposals is *20 September 2001.*

Contact Person:
        Cynthia Cyrus
        541 Holt Valley Road
        Nashville TN 37221
        +1-615-662-8514 (phone)
        +1-615-343-0324 (fax)

The other members of this year's program committee are Cathy Ann Elias and William
Mahrt.  Please note that the congress organizers will schedule only one paper per
participant; multiple submissions are discouraged.  Papers should be 20 minutes in