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Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences
Pilsen, June 2002

The 21st Anniversary SVU World Congress

of the

Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences


The 21st SVU World Congress of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and
Sciences will take place in Pilsen, June 24-30, 2002. This Congress will
be under the auspices of the Rector of the University of West Bohemia and
the Mayor of the City of Pilsen.

The overall theme of the Congress is "The Transformation of Czech and
Slovak Societies on the Threshold of the New Millennium, and their Role in
the Present Global World".

The Congress themes will be devoted to general civilization and historical
questions, which will include discussion panels on Multiculturalism and
many others.

There will be lectures discussing different cultural themes in the frame
of panels: Czech Literature at the Break of the 20th and 21st century,
Shakespeare in Czech Literature (Problems of Authors Using English
Language), Present Czech Architecture, Czech Structuralism and its
International Echo, (Personality and Works of Roman Jacobson), Changes in
Czech Puppet Shows, Czech and Slovak Music of the 20th Century, Jewish and
Czech Culture: Mutual Influences, and The Beginnings of Czech State in
International Context.

Problems of the sciences, education, and the economy will be introduced in
discussion panels as: Universities and their Role of Education in the 21st
Century, Possibilities of Current Medical Science, Informational
Technology, and Economic Views of the Czech Republic, History of Czech
Beer, and History of Skoda Factory: World and Czech Industrial Tradition.

Topics regarding present Czech and Slovak societies, political and
spiritual life, and destinies, past, present, and future Czech and Slovak
communities abroad will be addressed in discussion panels including: Media
and Democracy, European Integration: Euro skepticism and Euro optimism,
Belief and Czech Society, Czechs and Slovaks in America, Czech and Slovak
Museums, Czech and Slovak Library Archives and Collection Development,
Role of Ethnic Organizations in Preserving Our Cultural Heritage,
Genealogy, and The Constitution and Voting Systems: Czech and American

Special discussion panels will be focused on various problems of young
generation including lectures devoted to The Assimilation and
Acculturation of Youth, Youth Movement, Student Exchange Programs, and
Teaching Czech Language. Other panels can be added.

The working languages of the Congress are:  Czech, Slovak, and English.

For Congress attendees, a rich and attractive evening cultural program
will be prepared, where interested persons will be able to choose between
many theatrical performances, concerts of classical, jazz or even folk
music, as well as literary events. The Ceremonial Reception of the
Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences will be included in the program.
At the end of the Congress the organizers will prepare two alternative
group excursions into Western Czech spa cities (Karlovy Vary, Marianske
Lazne, Frantiskovy Lazne), or into regional, architecturally and
historically magnificent castles and chateaus.

Accommodation will be provided for interested people in the local hotels
and pensions, or in student dormitories. Regarding meals, the Congress
attendees can choose from a variety of high quality and inexpensive
restaurants, located in the city center (reservations will be arranged
prior to the Congress with the restaurants' owners).

A significant authorities of Czech and Slovak political, cultural,
intellectual, and spiritual life, including the President of the Czech
Republic, the Prime minister, and Presidents of both chambers of the
Parliament will attend. Interest and active attendance of the public at
large is expected.

Organizers of the Congress, in cooperation with the SVU Executive Board,
are hopeful of creating an inspirational and friendly environment in
Pilsen. They hope that this exchange of ideas will contribute to a deeper
understanding of the larger challenges of civilization, in front of which
the Czech and Slovak societies are standing, on the threshold of the 21st
century.  Finally, they wish to further the relationships between domestic
Czechs and Slovaks and those Czechs and Slovaks living abroad.

If you are interested in panel chairing or presentation of papers, please
register on the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences site: