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Eighth International Conference of The Center for Romanian Studies:
Twentieth Century Romania, A Retrospective
Iasi, Romania, June 2002

EIGHTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE of THE CENTER FOR ROMANIAN STUDIES Twentieth Century Romania: A Retrospective Iasi, Romania 23-27 June 2002
The Twentieth Century was a period of both remarkable progress and great turmoil in world history. This was no less true in Romania which during the past one hundred years experienced numerous highs and lows including: the completion of national unity; the cultural flowering and economic development of the interwar period; the tragedy of World War II; the imposition of the communist regime in Romania with its grave consequences for the people of Romania; the collapse of the dictatorial regime and a rebirth of democracy and freedom in the country together with the challenges it brings for developing a market economy and the integration of Romania into European and Euro-Atlantic structures. For this reason, the eighth international conference of the Center for Romanian Studies will focus on the theme: "Twentieth Century Romania: A Retrospective." Accepted topics will include those concerning Romanian history, culture, literature, politics, economics, foreign relations, and military affairs during the twentieth century. Deadline for Paper Proposals: 15 April 2002 Paper proposals, including a one-page abstract, should be sent to: Petronela Postolache Program Coordinator Center for Romanian Studies Oficiul Postal 1, Casuta Postala 108 6600 Iasi, Romania Fax 40-32-219010 E-mail: