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The Book in the [Medieval] Town
York, July 2002

Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York
9th York Manuscripts Conference
Venue: King's Manor, York, 19th - 21st July 2002

The theme for this conference is 'The Book in the Town', and arises from
an AHRB-funded project at the Centre for Medieval Studies,
'Privately-Owned English Urban Manuscripts, 1300 - 1476: A Database'.

The conference is interdisciplinary in the broadest sense, and scholars
from a range of disciplines will be invited to present papers which raise
questions about the following themes:
        The uses of manuscript books within towns
        The relationships between the book ownership of private individuals and
                urban institutions
        Networks of book production and ownership within urban environments
        The regional context of book ownership in towns.

Speakers include:
Caroline Barron (Royal Holloway)
Mary Erler (Fordham)
Ralph Hanna (Oxford)
Simon Horobin (Glasgow)
Linne Mooney (Maine/York)
Sarah Rees-Jones (York)
Pamela Robinson (London)
John Thompson (Belfast)

In particular we seek papers which will stimulate discussion on broader
topics, rather than case studies of individual manuscripts.  Although the
project is restricted to England, we would be happy to hear from scholars
working on other regions of the British Isles.

Sessions will follow a variety of formats in order to encourage
discussion, and abstracts for short papers (5-10 mins) or longer (20
mins) should be sent by January 15th 2002 to
        Claire Jones
        Centre for Medieval Studies
        University of York
        King's Manor, York YO1 2EP, UK