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Sex, Love and Romance: Reflections on the Passions in East Asian Music, CHIME (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research)
Sheffield, July 2002

"Sex, Love and Romance: Reflections on the Passions in East Asian Music"
CHIME (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research)
8th International Conference, University of Sheffield
26-29 July 2002

Draft Programme

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to chair or respond to sessions
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Friday 26 July 2002

1.00 Conference Registration Opens

Theme 1:  Frank Folksongs and Hot-Blooded Courtship in Rural China
    Chair: Su Zheng (Wesleyan University)
        Liu Yong (China Conservatory), "On Eighteen Touches."
        Zang Yibing (Chinese University of Hong Kong), "Lujiahe¹s 'Suan
Ge': The Sex Utterance in Chinese Folksong."
        Frank Kouwenhoven and Antoinet Schimmelpenninck (CHIME
Foundation), "Courtship Festivals and Chinese Scholarship."
    Response, Su Zheng (Wesleyan University)

Theme 2:  Instrumental Music?
    Chair: Tsai Tsanhuang (University of Oxford)
        Jonathan Kramer (North Carolina State University), "The
Aesthetics of Affect in Korean Sanjo."
        Tang Yating (Shanghai Conservatory of Music), "Gender Roles as
Reflected in the Musical Life of Shanghai Jewish Refugee Community during
the 1940s."

Saturday 27 July 2002

Theme 3:  From P'ansori to Takarazuka: Crossing Borders
    Chair: Nancy Guy (University of California, San Diego)
        Chan E. Park (Ohio State University), "Unveiling Ch'unhyang in
        Yeonok Jang (London), "Romance, Love and Sexuality in P'ansori
        Andrew P. Killick (Florida State University), "Is 'Women¹s
National Drama' an Oxymoron?: Discourses of Nation and Gender in Korean
Yosong kukkuk."
        Eunkang Koh (University of Oxford), "Feminine Masculinity in
Stage: Opera, Takarazuka and Kukguk."

Theme 4:  Conference Sub-Theme: Ritual
    Chair: Rachel Harris (School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
        Helen Rees (University of Californi, Los Angeles), "Text, Music,
and Movement in Dongjing Ritual: The Ceremony of Ten Offerings."
        Qi Kun (Institute of Music, Chinese Academy of Arts), "The
'Formalization' of the Han Ritual Music, Southeast China."
        Alan R. Thrasher (University of British Columbia), "Hidden and
Forgotten Symbols in the Music of the Taipei Confucian Ritual."
    Response: Rachel Harris

Theme 5:  Early Music, Abiding Concerns
    Chair: to be confirmed
        Marnix Wells (London), "Guan-Guan Go the Ospreys."
        Ulrike Middendorf (University of Heidelberg), "Desire and
Sensation: Facets of 'Female Music' in Early China."

Concert (to be confirmed)

Sunday 28 July 2002

Theme 6:  Orchestrating Love
    Chair:  Chou Chiener (University of Sheffield)
        Grace Poon, (Hong Kong Baptist University), "Hong Kong Composers¹
Passion for their Motherland As Reflected by the 1997 Inspired Works."
        Hon-Lun Yang (Hong Kong Baptist University), "Who is Afraid of
Love? Chinese Symphonic Music and Its Programmatic Contents."

Theme 7:  Staging Sex, Looking for Love: Performing Passion in Public
     Chairs:  Beverley Hooper (University of Sheffield), Helen Rees
(University of California, Los Angeles)
        Andrea S. Goldman (University of California, Berkeley), "Morality
Tale or Illicit Fun? 'I, Sister-in-Law' (Saozi wo) Operas in Performance
    Liu Yang (Chinese University of Hong Kong), "Women and the Chinese
Twirling Duet."
    Ching-wah Lam (Hong Kong Baptist University), "Love Stories in
Huangmei Opera and the Changing Society in China."
    John Zou (Bates College), "The Singing Body: Mei Lanfang and the End
of Peking Opera."
    Nancy Guy (University of California, San Diego), "Sounding Sex in
Peking Opera:  The Musical Expression of Masculinity, Femininity, and
Points in Between."
    Jonathan Stock (University of Sheffield), "The Passion of the Static:
Women Who Move in Shanghai Opera."
    Joanna Lee (University of Hong Kong), "The Voice and the Master:
Women¹s Pant Roles in Cantonese Opera."

Monday 29 July 2002

Theme 8: Expressing Passion in Popular Musics in East Asia--Roundtable

Theme 9 (Collective Discussion): The Passions in East Asian Musics
    Convenors: Antoinet Schimmelpenninck (CHIME Foundation), Andrew P.
Killick (Florida State University)

12.30  Conference Ends
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