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Cage 2002 - 90/10
Sheffield, September 2002

"Cage 2002 - 90/10"

Sheffield, Saturday 21 September 2002


Submission deadline: Monday 15 April 2002

"Cage 2002 - 90/10" is a day to discuss, perform and listen to John Cage's music.
It will take place on Saturday 21 September at the music department of the
University of Sheffield. The day aims to mark Cage's 90th birthday and the 10th
anniversary of his death. Key-note speaker will be David Nicholls (University of

We welcome proposals for individual papers, themed sessions, round tables, lecture
recitals relating to and performances of any compositions of John Cage. We
especially encourage performers and speakers of all backgrounds to submit their

Please note that there will be no conference fee; we are also not able to
remunerate presenters or performers.

*Proposals for individual papers*
(maximum 20 minutes) should include an abstract (max. 300 words), indicating any
necessary audiovisual equipment.

*Proposals for themed sessions*
(60 or 90 minutes; 2 or 3 speakers) should include one abstract for the whole
session (max. 600/900 words), indicating any necessary audiovisual equipment and
the names and contact details for all speakers involved in the session.

*Proposals for round tables*
(max. 60 minutes) should indicate the issue to be aired and list names of
participants. (abstract: max. 300 words)

*Proposals for lecture recitals*
(30 minutes) should include a list of pieces being performed (partly or fully),
indicating any needed audiovisual equipment, and if necessary any equipment
required for the performance. (abstract: max. 300 words)

*Proposals for performances*
(duration anything up to 90 minutes) should indicate the list of compositions, and
if necessary any equipment required for the performance.

*Important notice for all submissions:*
Any proposals should be sent via e-mail (text within the body of the message only,
please do not send any attachments) to

(deadline: Monday 15 April 2002)

The programme will be announced before 20 May 2002.

The organisers are:
Stephen Chase (Sheffield University),
Clemens Gresser (University of Southampton),
Danae Stefanou (Royal Holloway, University of London),

Local arrangements are being co-ordinated by Stephen Chase (Music
Department, Sheffield University,

Interested in being kept up to date with this day?
Send an e-mail with subject "Cage2002" to and
body of message

subscribe Cage2002

The "Cage 2002 - 90/10"-day web page can be found at: