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Herder's Aesthetics & Historical Concerns
Houston, September 2002

Call for Papers

Ästhetik und Geschichte bei Herder
Herder's Aesthetics and Historical Concerns

Bi-annual conference of the International Herder Society (IHS)

Rice University
Houston, Texas

September 26-30, 2002

At its bi-annual conference, the IHS will explore Herder's significant
contributions to aesthetics and his development of a historicist
hermeneutic. Since these are issues of extraordinary significance not just
for Herder studies but for the entire German eighteenth century, the
executive committee of the IHS has determined to invite representative of
parallel scholarly societies to offer several joint sessions at our
meetings.  A call for papers has already been sent out to the membership
of the North American Kant Society, and we propose to invite similar
participation by the Goethe and Lessing Societies.

The conference is planned to include some ten working sessions of three to
four speakers each, to be organized thematically based on accepted paper
proposals.  The IHS invites any interested scholar to submit a proposal
for a paper that addresses the theme of the conference.  Such proposals
should be no more than a page in length and may be submitted in either
German or English to the executive committee of the IHS by February, 2002.

In Europe, paper proposals may be sent to:

                        Professor Gerhard Sauder
                        Universität des Saarlandes
                        Fachrichtung 4.1 Germanistik
                        Postfach 151150
                        66041 Saarbrücken
                        fax: +49(0)681 / 302-4371

In North America proposals may be sent to:

                        Professor John Zammito
                        Department of History, MS-42
                        Rice University
                        6100 Main Street
                        Houston, Texas  77005-1892
                        fax:  +1-713-348-5207

The executive committee will review all proposals and send out invitations
as shortly after the submission date as is feasible, in order to allow for
the arrangement of schedules and the pursuit of funding to attend the