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Vincent d'Indy and His Time
Paris, September 2002

Vincent d'Indy and His Time
International Conference in Paris
26-28 September 2002

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Petit Auditorium

Vincent d'Indy (1851-1931) was one of the major French musicians of the
period extending from the Franco-Prussian War till the First World War. An
exceptional personality and unique composer, Vincent d'Indy is an
excellent representative of the diverse domains of French musical life
during this period. Composer, performer, conductor, secretary of the
Société Nationale, one of the founders of the Schola cantorum, painter,
historian, librettist, musicologist: his activities and interests were as
numerous as his personal contacts with diverse musicians, litterary
figures, artists, social and political groups.

Interest in this remarkable man and his work will continue to grow.
Although various book and articles on d'Indy and his music have been
published, it is necessary to undertake more extensive research, based on
unknown or unpublished documents. There is not yet a complete edition of
his correspondence, his writings, his journal, or his drawings and
paintings: this conference should provide an impetus to these important
editorial projects.

The objective is to place Vincent d'Indy in the historial, cultural, and
political context of his epoch.  For this reason there will be examined
not only his role in education, in the renaissance of ancient music, and
in the development of opera and instrumental music, but also his role in
the conflict between the Schola Cantorum and the Conservatoire, his
musical aesthetics, the influence of regionalism and nationalism on his
work, and his place in the international artistic world. Concentrated
study of this personality should shed new light on the musical life of his

Organized by the Société Française de Musicologie and the Gesellschaft für
Musikforschung, this conference with musicologists from France, Germany,
England, Belgium, Poland and the United States will include a chamber
music concert on the evening of Friday, 27 September 2002 featuring
students of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.

Entry to the conference is free, upon subscription.
For information, please contact:
Alexandra Laederich
and look at the homepage of the Société Française de Musicologie