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Webern 2002
Mittersill, September 2002

Call for Papers The International Symposium Webern 2002 organized by the Komponistenforum Mittersill and the long-term research program "Modernism -- Vienna and Central Europe around 1900" Mittersill, Salzburg 15-17 September 2002
The continuing and booming debate on Anton Webern as well as its complexity, i.e. its scientific, journalistic, educational and partly compositorical contexts, show at least the variety of different theoretical and methodological perspectives concerning the composer, his opus and the culture(s), where all the phenomena connected with the name "Webern" took and still take place. Only a brief look at relevant literature and musical practices connected with Webern already indicates the difference of perceptions and ideas about the culture(s), the person and his music that resulted from the plurality of the various accesses. The international Symposium "Webern 2002", which takes place parallel to the 7th Composers' Forum "einklang 2002", is devoted both to a survey of those perspectives and perceptions and over and above to a presentation and formation of innovative approaches to identify the constituting phenomena of the conception matrix "Webern" as well as the matrix itself. Presentations and discussions of studies based on historical, analytical and aesthetical aspects shall thereby be confronted with contributions which focus more on the development and changes of conceptions and their conditions that determined and influenced the understanding of Webern, his culture and his music from a metadiscursive point of view. Contributions from representatives of other cultural studies as well as from musicians and composers will also allow to transcend the purely musicological status of the symposium by presenting their distinguished accesses and approaches. The symposium will be held in Mittersill, Salzburg, 15-17 September 2001. Presentations should not exceed 30 minutes to allow another 30 minutes for discussion. The organizers also plan to publish a conference transcript where every participant is invited to contribute with a written version of the presented paper. Travelling and accommodation costs will be covered by the organizers and depending upon further financial support additional allowances will also be paid. Proposals and abstracts should not exceed 300 words and should be sent by post or e-mail by 31 December 2001 to Christian Heindl Siebenb=FCrgerstra=DFe 4/34/3 A-1220 Wien Tel.:+43/1/2043622 oder +43/676/3926397 e-mail: or to Dominik Schweiger Piaristengasse 32/9 A-1080 Wien Austria Tel.: +43/1/4096075 oder +43/699/11198231 e-mail: