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Women in Europe Between the Wars
Birmingham, September 2002


Women in Europe Between the Wars

Papers are invited for a conference to be held at
Aston University, 9-10 September 2002

The role played by women in this key period of European political and
cultural upheaval is often obscured or neglected. This conference will
provide a forum for a productive exchange between scholars working in
various fields and disciplines around the theme of women in inter-war
Europe. The conference aims to investigate women's relationship to
national and international politics, to ask whether there is a
distinguishable female voice in inter-war European culture, and to
consider attitudes towards women's changing role in society. Papers
focusing on a single nation or offering a comparative or pan-European
perspective are equally welcome.

Possible topics for contributions might include:

<-- political activists on the left and right
<-- feminism
<-- citizenship
<-- international peace movements
<-- the Spanish Civil War
<-- philosophers and thinkers
<-- literature and war
<-- inter-war cinema
<-- socialist realism and proletarian literature
<-- the visual arts, music, popular entertainment
<-- critical responses to women's cultural expression
<-- the Paris Exposition Universelle
<-- women and the professions

Brief proposals for papers should be sent to the conference organisers,
Angela Kershaw, School of Languages and European Studies, University of
Aston, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET, or
Angela Kimyongür, Department of European Languages and Cultures (French),
University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull, HU6 7RX, UK, by 1 February 2002