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Analysing Recordings
Sheffield, October 2002

Analysing Recordings 
SMA Autumn Study Day

Department of Music,
University of Sheffield

Saturday 26 October 2002 

This study day considers critical, analytical and theoretical approaches to
analysing recordings. As well as considering some of the technical and
methodological issues involved in analysing recordings, the day will focus on the
nature of recordings as objects/events and the consequences of their production
circumstances for analysis.
* Bethany Lowe (Welsh College of Music and Drama), 'Issues in analysing the timing
of recordings: The strawberry plant, the tapping foot, and the can of fish'

* Luke Windsor (University of Leeds), 'Measurements, similarities and differences:
when is the objective subjective?'

* Amanda Bayley (University of Wolverhampton), 'A performance analysis of Bartok's
String Quartets'

* Ingrid Pearson (Kingston University), '"Romancing the stone": poetics and
performance in Schubert's Der Hirt auf dem Felsen'

* Peter Johnson (Birmingham Conservatoire), 'Recordings as evidence of best

* Allan Moore (University of Surrey), 'Revisiting the sound box'

* Catherine Parsonage (City University), 'A contextual re-examination of the
Original Dixieland Jazz Band's British Recordings'

* Steen Kaargaard Nielsen (Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Aarhus University), 'The
phonographic reconceptualisation of the Broadway musical'

Attendance is free for SMA members; 5.00 for non-members.

For booking and further information please contact:

Dr Nicola Dibben
Department of Music, University of Sheffield
38 Taptonville Road
Sheffield S10 5BR, UK
Tel: +44-(0)114 222 0480