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Composing Principles: Continuity and Innovation in Contemporary Music
Vilnius, October 2002

Lithuanian Academy of Music
Lithuanian Composers' Union

Lithuanian Academy of Music
Gedimino pr. 42, 2001 Vilnius, Lietuva
Tel (+370 2) 618492; fax (+370 2) 226982
el. paštas: lma@ktl.mii lt

Lithuanian Composers' Union
Mickeviciaus 29, 2600 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel (+370 2) 726986; fax (+370 2) 220939

Vilnius, Lithuania

The First Call
Third International Conference "Composing Principles: Continuity and 
Innovation in Contemporary Music"

Lithuanian Composers' Union
October 19-21, 2002

The conference envisages to discuss the following issues:

1. The conception of a composing principle, its relationship with kindred 
   composing terms (system, technique, composition, form, etc.).
2. The differentiation of the newest music (2nd half of the 20th c.) with respect
   to composing principles (Modernism, Avant-garde, Postavant-garde, etc.)
3. The exploitation of composing concepts and terms in the newest music: the
   re-interpretation of traditional and (melody, harmony, polyphony, etc.) the
   introduction of new ones.
4. The dialogue of composing principles within a historical and geographical
   plane. The echoes of composing principles practiced in the old and new epochs
   (Archaic, Antique, Middle Ages, Renaissance and New Ages) in contemporary
5. The possibilities of the classification of avant-garde and postavant-garde
   music with respect to style, genre, technique, etc.

The material of the conference - papers, summaries, dicusions will be published,
taking into consideration the requirements set for prestigious scientific
publications. We kindly invite you to the conference and look forward to your
ideas concerning the problematics of the conference and the theme of your report.
We look for your preliminary concert to participate in the conference until
September 5, 2001. The deadline for your final proposition (your full name,
address, title of the papers) is December 31, 2001. Anyway, we do hope for your
reply as soon as possible. Summary (up to 3-5 pages) is expected until March 1,
2001. The organizers would like to timely get a summary, enabling the participants
to get ready for thorough discussions.

We inform you that the 12th Baltic Music Festival wishing will be held on October
15-25, 2001. Those wishing will have the possibility to go to concerts free of
charge. The organisers will provide the accomodation for the conference
participants. The updated information will follow in our second call in September.

On behalf of the Conference Organizing Commiltee
Dr. Rimantas Janeliauskas

For more information call the conference coordinator Mr. Antanas 
Kucinskas: e-mail; tel. +370 2 766570; mob. +370 89
59927, address:Žirmūnų 39-28, 2010, Vilnius, Lietuva