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Musicological Society of Australia, National Conference
Newcastle, NSW, October 2002


The National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia will be held at
the Conservatorium of Music in Newcastle from October 3 to 6.



WEDNESDAY    2 October
3:00-6:00    Registration            				Concert Hall Foyer
6:00         Reception               				Concert Hall Foyer
8:00         Opening Concert         				Concert Hall
        Spontaneous Events of Great Wonder
        Curated by Margery Smith and Rosalind Halton

THURSDAY     3 October
9:00-9:30    Welcome to Country and Dean's Welcome 		Concert Hall

Session A    Music and Society I  9:45-11:15
1    	Music in Australia					NH1
Anne Doggett (Ballarat) Harmony on the Goldfields; an investigation of music
	in the context of racial boundaries in early Ballarat
Dianne Gome (Australian Catholic University    The Impact of Church Union
	on Congregational Music: The Uniting Church in Australia, 1977-82
Jula Szuster (Adelaide) Colonel Light's Impaired Vision: Musical Life in
	Colonial Adelaide and its Legacy

2    	Music in Societies        				NH2
Stan Breckinridge (California State, Fullerton Campus) Singing with
	Attitude; Harmonic and Rhythmic Reflections of Women Vocalists 1950s - 1990s
Christopher Cockburn (Rhodes University, South Africa) Contesting Kings; Society
	and the Reception of Handel's Messiah in South Africa
Linda Kouvaras (Melbourne) When the String Snaps: Two Domestic Prison Scenarios

3 	Music in Societies        				UH1
Roland Bannister (Charles Sturt University) I Canti di Nonno
Tony Signor: Documenting the Music of Australia's Italian Immigrants with Antonio
	'Tony' Colla, Antonio Comin and Gabriele Vardanega
Tim Humphrey (Monash) When a military band learned Vietnamese traditional 
	music: the experience of the Band of the Fifth Battalion Royal Australian
	Regiment in Vietnam 1966 - 1967.
Ruth Lee Martin (Australian National University) Images of Scotland: Tradition and
	the Construction of Identity

4 	Discourses of Identity    				UH2
Corrinna Bonshek (University of Western Sydney) Multiplicity and Becomings
	in Gretchen Miller's Inland (2000)
Gavin Carfoot (University of Queensland) Whoops! Accidents and Musicology
Gemma Munro (Adelaide) The ŒFee Musician: Discourses of Identity in
	Accounts of Performance

11:15-11:45    	Morning Coffee 					Concert Hall Foyer

Session B Plenary   			11:45-1:15  		Concert Hall
Suzanne Cusick (New York) Performance as Research: Thoughts on "performance
	studies", "new musicology" and North American Musicology's Performances of
	Social Power 

Lunch Break
MSA Networking Luncheon 		1:15-2:00 		Concert Hall Foyer

Session C    	Music and Society  	2:00-3:30
1    		Composers and Spirituality  			NH1
Andrew Greenwood (Sydney) Webern and Theosophy
Anne Marshman (Melbourne) Tippett's "ŒDivine Imge": Exploring the
	Philosophical Context of the Music of Michael Tippett
Sally Macarthur (University of Western Sydney) From the Meticulous to the
	Sublime: Anne Boyd's Jesus Reassures his Mother

2    	Theories of Creativity  				UH1
Timothy Teo Guan (Singapore Polytechnic) Factors Affecting Musical
	Preferences among Young Students: a Singapore Study
Phillip McIntyre (Newcastle) Paul McCartney¹s "Yesterday"
David Wong (Sheffield, England) Between Pleasure (ŒFun¹) and Performance: a
	Preliminary Study on Music of the Chinese Young People in Sabah, Malaysia

3 	Compositions in Context    				UH2
Jason Geary (Yale) Mendelssohn's Antigone and the German Appropriation of
	the Ancient Greek Civic Ideal
Jennie Shaw (Melbourne) At the Crossroads; Schoenberg's Rilke Settings and
	the Fragmentation of War
Chris Wainwright (Adelaide) Haydn, Salomon and the Surprising London Symphony,
	Hob. I:94

4    	Technology and Music Education  			Concert Hall
Steve Campbell (James Cook University) Tertiary Curriculum Structures in Music
	Technology: Integration and Strategies
Gian-Franco Ricci (Newcastle) Interactivity in an Icon-based Authoring
	System as Applied to Music Instruction

Afternoon Tea   	3:30-4:00  		Exhibition Space, University House

Session D    4-5:30
1    	Music and Contemporary Tastes  				NH1
Brydie-Leigh Bartleet (University of Queensland) From Coffee Houses to Executive
	Suites: an Experiential Approach to Feminist Musicology
Amy Chan (Australian National University) The West and the Rest
Barnaby Ralph   Beethoven, the Siginifier and the Giant Exploding Robots

2 	Music and Dance in England and France 			NH2
Michael Christoforidis and Elizabeth Kertesz (Melbourne) Spectacle, Society, and
	Sor's Cendrillon: Composing for the pre-Romantic Ballet
Madeleine Flynn (Melbourne) Compagnie Ea Sola's Requiem: an Analysis of
	Choreo-Musical Relationships
Rachel Hocking (University of New South Wales) Australian Dance Music

3 	Something Old, Something New: introducing tonight's opera performance	UH1
Michael Ewans (Newcastle) The Greeks in Opera - onstage
Marie-Louise Catsalis (Newcastle) A newly discovered Prologo and Intermedio by
	Alexander Scarlatti
Katrina Pring (Newcastle) The Composition of Daphne

4    	The Djalumbu Legacy  (1963-2002)    			Concert Hall
Aaron Corn (Melbourne) and Neparrnga Gumbula from Galiwin'ku co-present the
	film Djalumbu

Reconstruction of the First Concert of the Eastman Band
    Ian Cook and the Conservatorium Wind Orchestra
    Concert Hall

Music and Technology Forum   UH 1

8:00-10:00 	Gender and Sexuality Forum 			UH2
7:30 for 8 delegates may attend the world première of
Something Old, Something New (Scarlatti/Pring), Exhibition Space

FRIDAY    4 October
Session E  	9:30-11:00
1 		Current issues in Japanese Music Research 	NH1
Allan Marett (Sydney) The Present State of Research on Early Notations of the
	Japanese Tôgaku Tradition and Points of Scholarly Contention in their
Steven Nelson (Kyoto and Sydney) Reconstructing Medieval Japanese ŒSongs of
	Paradise¹; Reconstruction as Research and its Reception by Japanese
	Performers and Audiences
Kwok-wai Ng (Sydney) The Transmission of Tôgaku Modes from the Heian Period
	(794-1192) to Modern Japan: Research Possibilities and Methodological

2 		Music and Environments				NH2
Craig de Wilde (Monash) "The World's Leading Classical Music Label": the
	Global Success of Naxos Records
Shane Homan (Newcastle) Geographies of Noise? Popular Music Performance and
	the City
Sarah Turvey (Artistic Administrator, Australian Festival of Chamber Music,
	Townsville) Mutual Benefits?  Music-based Training and Corporate

3 		Lecture/demonstrations   			Concert Hall
Prudence Dunstone (Newcastle) Italian Vocal Music of the Early Nineteenth
	Century; Some differences between Modern and Contemporary Concepts of
Susan West  (Australian National University) Music, Children and the Community; a
	Sociological Approach to its Implications

4 		Performance as Research; Piano Music 		UH1
James Baker (Brown University, Rhode Island) Vladimir Horowitz: the Performer as
Sandra Mangsen (Ontario) Recorded Moonlight: The Sound of Beethoven¹s Sonata 
Greg Smith (Newcastle) A Performance Perspective of the Programmatic Piano Music
	of Tchaikovsky and Medtner

11:00-11:30 	Morning Coffee   				Concert Hall Foyer

Session F    	Plenary   11:30-1:00 				Concert Hall
Roy Howat  (Royal College of Music) Research as Performance and Performance as

1:15    Didgeridoo Lecture-Demonstration: Michael Davison (Newcastle) Café
Nesca, University House

Session G  2:00-3:30
1 		Structure and Context    			NH1
Nicholas Routley & Andrew Robbie (Sydney) What We Mean by Signs - More
	about Ø
Jason Stoessel (University of New England) A Fifteenth Century Response to a 
	Musical Text; the Editor Scribe in Australian National University
	Manuscript Chantilly, Musée Condé, 564
Carol Williams (Monash) and Robert Curry (Western Australian Academy of the
	Performing Arts) The Anderson Catalogue Raisonné of Conductus - Revised
	and Expanded for the 21st Century

2    		Music and Society; Influence and Interpretation	NH2
Elaine Dobson (Canterbury, New Zealand) Bhutanese Songs for the Black-necked
	Crane: Lending Wings to the Conservation of an Endangered Species
Bronwyn Ellis (Tasmanian Conservatorium) "This we utterly dislike as most
	unlawful": English Sacred Music during the Civil War and Interregnum, c.
David Irving    (University of Queensland) The Lamentaciónes of El Señor
	Maestro José Doyagüe: A Newly-Discovered Manuscript Source from Manila.

3    		Singing 					(Concert Hall)
Daniela Kaleva (Monash)    Translating Text into Motion: Performance
	Analysis for Classical Singers (lecture-demonstration)
Allan Maddox (Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney) Singing and Rhetoric
Lynne Murray (Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney) The Favourite Songs

4 		Music and Society; Indigenous Australian Music	(UH 1)
Aaron Corn    (Melbourne)    But the Land was Strange to Me
Elizabeth Mackinlay    The Pedagogical as Performative: Opening up Spaces for
	Teaching and Learning Indigenous Women¹s Music and Dance
Katelyn Barney (University of Queensland) Repositioning Musical Analysis: a
	Case Study of Contemporary Indigenous Australian Women's Music

3:30-4:00    	Afternoon Tea  					Exhibition Space

Session H    4:00-5:30
1    		French Music 					NH1
Eddy Chong (Nanyang Technical University, Singapore) Contextualizing Ravel's
Elise Grosser (Melbourne) Nationalism in Song during the French Revolution; the
	Gastronomic Club Le Caveau
Patricia Shaw (Australian Catholic Unviversity, St Patrick's Campus)     ŒLa
	Clarté Francoise¹: the National Character of French Orchestral Writing of
	the Early Twentieth Century

2		Theory and Analysis				NH2
David Jones (Newcastle)     Nigel Butterley ­ In the Head the Fire and
	Spell of Creation
Anna Maslowiec  (Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney) Sonorism and
	the Polish Avant-Garde in the 1960s
Jonathon Powles (Australian National University) Allusion-Quotation-Plagiarism:
	Meaning and Context in Modern and Post-modern Australian Music

3    		lecture-demonstrations 				Concert Hall
Peter Freeman (University of Queensland) Antonie Carlos Jobim: Eclecticism in
	Popular Music
Kim Cunio and Heather Lee (Newcastle) Baghdadian Jewish Music Oral Tradition as
	the Basis for Realizing Texts of the Qumran Sectarians (Essenes)

#4     		Performance Practice 				UH1
Martin Jarvis (Northern Territory University) Who Composed the Bach Cello
Jacqueline Ogeil (Newcastle) Temperaments in the Sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti
Mark Smith (Adelaide) Recreating some early methods of playing the Cello
5:30-6:00  	Evening Tea 					Concert Hall Foyer

Session I    6:00-7:30
1 		Music and Technology  				Concert Hall
Cynthia Jacobs and Bill Stern (Blue Mountains) Investigating Non-tactile MIDI
	Controllers for Severely Disabled Children
Darren Kelly (Sydney) An Ambisonic Demonstration of the Drancing Gestural
	Performance Instrument

2 		Modern and Postmodern Composition		NH1
Rachel Campbell (Sydney)    Extra-Musical Influences on New Complexist Music
Michael Hooper (Sydney) Stylistic Similarities in the Recent Music of Liza Lim
Melissa Hunt (University of Western Sydney) Sonicolage: Finding Feminism
	Aesthetics between the Layers of Music, Sound and Art

3    		Analysis    					NH2
Harry Pickett (New Mexico) Schenker and Schoenberg, a Dual Approach to
	Monotonality: an Analysis of Schubert¹s Letzte Hoffnung from Der Winterreise
Pirrko Moisala (Abo Akademie University, Finland) A Dialogic Approach to 
	Contemporary Music
Ada Lai (Melbourne) The Issue of Time in Toru Takemitsu¹s Quatrain II (1977)

#4    		Music and Society: Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries   UH1
Roslyn Kay (University of New South Wales) Rest and Unrest in the French 
	Requiem:  Changing Roles and Functions since the Revolution²
John Phillips (Adelaide) Viennese Fundamental Bass Tradition in the Late
	Nineteenth Century
Aisling Roche If I were differently made, my music would not have the exact 
	flavour it has: Sexual Politics in Ethel Smyth's The Wreckers

7:30 for 8:00    Special MSA performance of Something Old, Something New
Exhibition Space, University House

9:45 National Committee meeting

SATURDAY  5 October
Session J    	9:30-11:00
1 		Opera        					NH 1
Anne Power  (University of Western Sydney) Operatic Tapestry: Threads from Black
	River to Going into Shadows
Leanne Power (Newcastle) Eugene Onegin
Emily Wilbourne The Opera that Dare not Speak its Name

2		Performance as Research: Italian Baroque	NH 2
Anne-Marie Forbes Venetian Practice in Performance: Antonio Lotti's Gloria in D
Marie-Louise Catsalis (Newcastle) The Eighteenth Century Italian Serenata: a
	Movable Feast
Rosalind Halton (Newcastle) Night and Dreams: Text, Textures and Night Themes in
	Cantatas by Alessandro Scarlatti

3    		Music in Australia (II)				UH 1
Kate Bowan  (Australian National University) The Private Piano Music of Hooper
	Brewster Jones
Bradley Cummings (Australian National University) Don Banks, Luigi Dallapiccola,
	Milton Babbitt and the Composition of Psalm 70
Jane Stanley The Sun...The BellŠThe Devine: Augusta Read Thomas

#4    		Theory and Performance Practice			UH 2
Denis Collins (University of Queensland) Compositional Strategies for Invertible
	and Stacked Canons from Zarlino to Bach
Eugeen Schreurs (Katholiek Universitiet, Leuven)    Urban Musicology and
	Performance Practice in the Low Countries (Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Carol Williams  (Monash)    Replacing Mediaeval Music in Australia

11:00-11:30	Morning Coffee					Concert Hall Foyer

Session K    	Plenary: Concert Hall   	11:30-1:00
Rolf Gehlhaar (London) Reality Music / Virtual Music / Music and Sound Art

1-15 		Concert Hall
Robert Constable (Newcastle) and Roy Howat (RCM)
Stuart Piano Lecture-Demonstration

Session L  2:00-3:30
1    		Mediaeval Music					NH 1
Frankie Nowicki  (Monash) Reconstructing Musical Aspects of the Conciliar Movement
	of the Fifteenth Century
Angel Manuel Olmos (Paris IV Sorbonne) Pattern Searching in Cantigas De Alfonso X
	El Sabio: Application of Scandicus Program for Cento-Melodies Searching

2 		Music and Technology    			NH 2
Cathy Cox (Columbia) Interactive Technologies in Music Composition: Towards a
	Theory of Interactivity
Robin Fox (Melbourne) Recent Applications of Technology in Experimental Music 
James Hullick (Melbourne) Electro-Acoustic Opera Composition

3 		Performance and Research: Piano Music  		UH 1
Diana Blom (University of Western Sydney)    Issues Raised Performing Piano
	Burning by Anna Lockwood
June Chan (Australian Catholic University)    Melodic Style in the Romantic
	Nocturne for Piano and its Relationship to the Contemporary Nineteenth
	Century Song
Deborah Crisp (Australian Catholic University) Between the Sublime and the 
	Terrible: Chopin, Delacroix and Shakespeare

4    	Music and Society: Early Music and its Revival 		UH 2
Patricia Duke (Melbourne) Mancell Kirby: Melbourne¹s First Harpsichordist
Samantha Owens (University of Queensland) ŒDer Teutsche Genius¹:
	Musical-Theatrical Performances at Medium-sized German Courts c. 1600-1700
Ikuno Sako (Melbourne) The Role of Louis Niedermeyer in the Early Music Revival in

3:30-4:00    	Afternoon Tea 					Exhibition Space
5:00 pm Bus leaves from Auckland St for Conference Dinner (7:30 for 8:00 at
Hunter Valley Gardens)

Session M    	9:30-11:00
1 		Issues in Ethnomusicology     			NH1
Jennifer Gall Redefining the Tradition: The Role of women in Australian Folk Music
Steven Knopoff (Adelaide) Intrusions and Delusions: Considering the Impact of
	Recording Technology on Ethnomusicological Research
Robin Ryan (Macquarie) The Liminal Role of The Old Rugged Cross in Twentieth 
	Century Aboriginal Australia

2    		Prizes and Choices  				NH2
Julia Lu (Melbourne) The Prix de Rome ­ a Success or a Failure? An Examination of
	how we view the Competition and why we have been misled.
Kerry Murphy (Melbourne) Berlioz: Exhibition Judge
Johanna Selleck (Melbourne) Camilla Urso ­ the People's Choice

#3    	Performance Practices 					UH 1
Danielle Eden (Australian Institute of Music) The Powerhouse Museum Flute 
John Napier (University of New South Wales) Traditional ŒFakings:¹ HankWilliams,
	Jeff Buckley, Kamr'uddin Khan and Other Falsetto Acts
Stephen Snook  (Sydney) Research through Performance in the Arrangement Process

4 	Romantic Singers and Composers 				UH 2
Linda Barwick (Sydney) "La Pia": the Life and Times of a Tuscan Legend
Judith Crispin (Australian National University) Busoni's ŒYoungClassicality"
Simon Hewett (Australian National University) Strauss' Capriccio and Operatic

11:00-11:30    	Morning Coffee 					Concert Hall Foyer

11:30-1:00    	MSA Annual General Meeting 			Concert Hall

Conference ends

(If you missed the operas, and don't have to leave Newcastle until after 4
pm, there is a matinee performance of Something Old, Something New at 2 pm
in the Exhibition Space)