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Sexuality in Modern German History
Washington, DC, October 2002


Conference at the German Historical Institute, Washington DC, October 24-27, 2002

Conveners: Edward R. Dickinson (Univ. of Cincinnati) and Richard F. Wetzell (GHI)

The German Historical Institute in Washington DC is calling for the submission of
abstracts for proposed papers for a conference on the history of sexuality in
nineteenth and twentieth-century German-speaking Europe.

The past decade has seen a tremendous growth of research and publications on
sexuality in modern German history. This conference is designed to bring together
historians working on different aspects of the history of sexuality in order to
exchange ideas, share ongoing research, evaluate different theoretical frameworks
and methodologies, assess the state of the field, debate emerging interpretive
paradigms, and sketch out agendas for future research.

Possible topics include:
- sexual practices
- sexual minorities and sub-cultures
- sexual identities
- sex reform
- sex research and sexual science
- sex and commerce (prostitution, pornography, sex industry)
- sexuality and medicine, including the medical regulation of sexualities
- sexuality and the law, including the policing of sexualities and censorship
- sexuality and politics, including the legislative regulation of sexualities
- sexuality and political ideologies
- sexuality and race
- sexuality and religion
- sexuality and the arts (including literature, theater, cinema, fine arts, music)
- sexuality and feminism

We are hoping to bring together about fifteen historians from North America and
Europe. Preference will be given to papers that present ongoing research. All
papers must be submitted in advance (by September 1) and will be circulated to
participants six weeks before the conference. The conference panels will be in
workshop format, focusing on comments and discussion. All papers must be in
English. Funds for travel and hotel accommodation are available.

Please send your (1) paper title and abstract (max. 500 words, in English) and (2)
curriculum vitae -- by regular mail, fax or email -- to the following address by
APRIL 1, 2002:

History of Sexuality Conference
Attn: Dr. Richard F. Wetzell
German Historical Institute
1607 New Hampshire Ave, NW
Washington DC 20009-2562

Fax: 1-202-483-3430

For general information about the German Historical Institute in Washington DC
please consult our website at