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Encounters between East and West 1453-1699
London, December 2002


Conference Notice and Call for Papers

1453 to 1699:
Cultural Encounters between East and West

Thursday 5 December - Friday 6 December 2002

This conference addresses one of the most urgent issues currently facing
both Renaissance studies and contemporary culture: the rich but often
fraught encounters and exchanges between the Christian West and the Muslim
East. From Mehmed II's conquest of Constantinople in 1453 to the defeat of
the Ottoman army at the gates of Vienna and the subsequent treaty of
Carlovitz in 1699, the cultural, commercial, religious, political and
intellectual transactions between East and West defined their respective
boundaries and established a complex legacy that still defines cultures

1453 to 1699 will present a growing body of exciting new research that
seeks to map the complex contours of Christian Europe's negotiations with
its eastern neighbours, with the aim of establishing dialogues that
radically reorientate orthodox readings of early modern geo-politics. In
the light of current world events, the need to historicize and
contextualise this exchange is more pressing than ever. This international
conference will draw together scholars working across the humanities
disciplines and will address issues such as visual culture and the East,
Reformation and Islam, representing Ottomans on the stage, the politics of
Orientalism, and Imperial geographies.

Organised by Kenneth Parker, Jerry Brotton, Matthew Birchwood and Matthew

Proposed keynote speakers include Nabil Matar, Lisa Jardine, Gulru
Necipoglu and Jean Howard.

Conference Venue and Enquiries: Institute of English Studies, School of
Advanced Study, Senate House (3rd Floor), Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU,
UK (No smoking building)
Tel: +44 (0)20 7862 8675, Fax: +44 (0)20 7862 8672, email:,

Abstracts for proposed papers should be sent by 28 February 2002 to
Professor Kenneth Parker, c/o Institute of English Studies at the above
address, or by email to